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There are a number of benefits you’ll realize when you make use of Norton Utilities, and all of them will in some way improve the performance of your computer. If you’ve noticed that it takes longer to boot up lately, or if processing speed seems to be lagging, those situations can both be managed effectively by Norton Utilities. Here are some of the ways that your computer’s performance can be upgraded and enhanced, just by having this very useful software installed.

Maintain privacy on your computer

If you live in a household where there are many prying eyes, and an equal number of curious individuals hanging around, you’ll know how important it can be to have a little privacy on your machine. With Norton’s utility program in place, you’ll be able to erase your browser file downloads and erase your browsing history as well, so unauthorized eyes don’t get a chance to spy on you.

Document disposal

When you reach the point where some documents have outlived their usefulness, you’ll need a secure way to dispose of them, so they can’t fall into someone else’s hands. At the same time, you can prevent others from gaining access to these files until they’ve been properly disposed of. Both these tasks can be handled with ease by the Norton Utilities, and you’ll be able to have some peace of mind about those important documents.

Space recovery

When your hard drive gets filled up, or anywhere close to it, you’ll definitely notice that performance takes a hit. When there’s no free space available, things can come to a grinding halt very quickly. The best way to avoid this undesirable scenario is to use the Norton Utilities for space recovery and have it delete unused files and applications. That alone can free up tons of space that you can actively make use of. Right away, you’ll notice improved performance in how fast you can access some applications, and how quickly they respond to your requests.

Unwanted startup apps

Over a period of time, it’s very easy for your startup routine to get bogged down with other applications that you really didn’t authorize or intend to be included in the startup routine. This often happens when you download an application from online, because unbeknownst to you, one of the things they do is insert a line in your startup routine to automatically start that app. You can have all these unwanted entries removed from your startup routine, so your machine can once again run with the speed and crispness it did when you first bought it.

Fixing common issues

There are quite a few common issues that can occur with your computer after it’s been in use for a while. Many of these issues can cause frustrating slowdowns in your processing speed, and in some cases, they can even lead to crashes that cause your computer to shut down automatically. Norton Utilities has identified all the most common issues that fall into these categories, and it automatically checks for them during its scans for issues. If any of them are encountered, Norton will fix them on the spot, so they can’t trouble you anymore. This regular cleaning process helps to speed up your machine and keep it clean so you can always enjoy maximum performance.

Optimizes your computer

Whenever you launch one of your most-used applications, you can expect Norton to optimize the processing power of your computer, as well as memory and hard drive usage. All this gives you a much better experience with whatever app you opened – whether that’s for streaming, gaming, editing, or writing content. Having your computer optimized for the best performance means that no matter what you’re doing, you can expect it to be accomplished quickly and efficiently. You’ll get so spoiled by this awesome performance that you’ll never want to be without it.

Keeps you running longer  

The average life span of any PC is usually between three and five years, with the shorter duration more applicable to machines that are used every day and hard. PC’s that are used more lightly will generally be good for five years or more. You can add significantly to these figures, regardless of how hard you use your computer, by having Norton Utilities installed.

One of the big reasons for this is that Norton is constantly looking for problems and issues that might harm your machine, and it fixes them before they can do any damage. With all these problems being headed off before they get a chance to do damage, your PC has a better chance at a long life.

When you’re idle, Norton is busy

When you stop using your machine for the day, and it becomes idle, that’s when Norton kicks into high gear. It does all the problem-solving, cleaning, and tuning while you’re busy elsewhere. When you come back to use your machine again, you’ll find that it’s in perfect shape and ready to handle whatever computing requests you might have. This is actually the perfect working arrangement, and it’s one that millions have already found to be the ideal way to keep their computers running at optimal performance.

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