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Passware password Recovery Kit is a very useful tool for recovery of your passwords. If you have forgotten passwords of some files or network then this software can prove to be very much useful in such situations. The paid versions of this tool can be bought online and used for a lot of features and for keeping your system and files secured.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

Passware Kit is an easy to use tool that recovers passwords for websites, email accounts, windows administrators, and Microsoft products like MS Excel and word. This software recognizes and recovers passwords for more than 50 file types, including MS Word, Excel, and websites. The terrific NVIDIA and AMD GPUs power recovery of the passwords. Passware Kit can reset a windows administrator password and security setting instantly using a bootable USB drive or cd.

This easy to use tool comes in different editions ranging from Kit Basic to Kit Forensic. Passware Kit comes with a significant update that includes new features like a recent mask attack that matches a simple but common password pattern. Other Passware Kit improvements are iWork files 2020 password recovery and a new modifier that uses corresponding close letters of a different script for the keyboard layout. Passware Kit has gone beyond and saves all recovered passwords, making the passwords available to be reused again. The passware kit editions are Kit Basic, Kit Standard, Kit Standard Plus, Kit Business, and Kit Forensic.

Kit Basic is the lowest and cheapest edition that can be purchased. This edition of the Passware Kit supports 50-79 file types and windows password resets. The second edition of the Passware Kit is the Kit standard, which is more advanced than Kit Basic. This version of the Passware Kit supports 80-129 different types of files. Furthermore, this edition comes with the option to keep other common file types and archive .zip, .7z, .rar, and .exe files.

The third edition is Kit Standard Plus, which comes with the capability to reinforce 130-249 file types. One significant difference between the Kit Standard and Kit Standard Plus is that the Kit Standard Plus has the password manager feature, including 1Password, KeePass, LastPass, and macOS Keychain.

Kit business is the next edition of the Passware Kit. As the name suggests, this edition of the Passware Kit is designed for business accounts. The number of files supported in this edition is 250-279 files plus other standard files. The Kit Business is known for its ability to scan computers for encrypted files and containers, extract encryption keys and passwords from a memory image, decrypt HDD, and recover master passwords for KeePass. Moreover, Kit Business supports the creation of a USB that resets the Windows administrator password.

The last edition of the Passware Kit is Kit Forensic. It is the most potent Kit and can provide evidence from recovered passwords. The standalone system that is attached to this edition can extract passwords from external registry files. Furthermore, Kit Forensic supports recovery for mobile and cloud backups and images. This edition comes with crypto wallets, an SMS subscription, a portable version, and can uphold up to 280 plus files.

Passware Kit software only supports PC platforms. Hardware requirements for Passware Kit include Microsoft Windows Vista 2003-2019 or Windows 7-10 64 bit only.