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Peazip is user friendly software for compressing or extracting heavy files. It lets you reduce the sizes of files to share them easily with your friends via Email or other file sharing methods. It offers various features and is compatible with a wide range of file formats.








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Software description

With the license of Open Source LGPLv3, PeaZip lets you experience file archiving, opening, and extraction for free like never before. With it, you have the freedom to open and extract more than 180 formats for any of your intended purposes. Other than that, this very helpful archiving tool surpasses its rivals with many upgraded feats. While being so advanced, it is also considered very user-friendly as the features provide a lot of conveniences, making PeaZip a good, if not the best, alternative to WinZip, WinRar, and other similar software that manages archives.

Downloadable Packages

Downloading the PeaZip packages is simple as it is free from advertising and safe as it does not have destructive software. It is compatible with operating systems like Windows (new and legacy systems), Linux, and BSD. Portable packages are the ones that do not need installing, so only extraction will do for you to utilize it. These are available only for Linux and Windows. Once you download any of these PeaZip packages, you own it for good, no product expiration date, and no monthly subscription needed.

Key Features

PeaZip’s Open Source platform comes with a hassle-free file manager great for locating, editing, viewing, and organizing files. This file manager also contains an innate image editor which can be quite handy.

Rest assured, the files are in good hands with PeaZip because this utility shines bright in the aspect of security with its great range of data security functions. This includes the encrypted password manager, which requires you to type in a master password before you can open up your encrypted and locked credentials,

The software also has the ability to encrypt with two-factor authentication. This asks you to enter a password and a random key file for unlocking. PeaZip features strong encryption, something you should consider as it is very much recommended every time confidential information is sent to or via external servers.

Moreover, a secure delete function is made to permanently shred the data you want to erase. It overwrites many times the disk selectors that hold the chosen data. After using this function, the specific data will be unrecoverable.

Another practical feature of this software is its file hashing tools. These tools can identify duplicate files and also alert you with corrupted files. This is done by the program using the hash value or checksum.

With PeaZip, you can also perform other convenient actions that are related to security like making self-extracting archives, splitting and joining files, exporting job definitions as scripts, and batch creation and extracting of numerous archives at one go.

Multi-format Archiving

This light-sized archive manager carries with it a huge variety of archive types. Here, you can create its native archive format of PEA along with several other like ZIP, TAR, 7Z, WIM, ZST, GZ, ARC, BR, BZ2, *PAQ, QUAD/BALZ, UPX, XZ, and PEA. PeaZip also lets you open and extract archive types like ZIPX, CAB, ISO, ACE, DMG, and RAR files among the high count of over 180 formats.

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