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Poppy Playtime first person interactive horror game is a mystery that takes place in a toy factory








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Software description

Poppy Playtime is a first person role playing game available on Steam. The horror adventure game centers around the mysterious disappearance of toy factory employees.

The first person player assumes the role as a former employee of Playtime, Co. You navigate the abandoned Playtime, Co. factory, picking up items and clues in the realistic 3D player atmosphere.

Upon entering, you receive a note that says to “follow the flower”, and you embark upon an eerie, interactive journey.

Poppy Playtime was originally inspired by the 1986 horror movie, Dolls. The game is inspired by 1980s horror games like “Alone in the Dark” and puzzle solving games like Myst.

As players explore, they interact with items and solve puzzles leading to secret rooms within the building. Players also need to avoid monsters that may be hiding around corners or behind doors as they move throughout the game space. Escape routes are hidden around areas of the map, which allow players to travel between rooms quickly.

Video cassette tapes are located throughout the game environment. You can put them into the various VCR players and learn more about the history of the factory.

Poppy Playtime tells about the factory, and a particularly mysterious interview with a potential factory employee talks about her desire for eternal youth.

Also, engineering, physics, and mechanics aspects makes gameplay engaging and fun. You explore the abandoned factory, pressing buttons and other factors to try and unravel the mystery. You run around the factory and attempt to solve the mystery of the disappearing employees.

The grabby-hands feature lets you interact with the environment around you, even creating toys in the defunct factory. You see parts of the “Catbee” toy, and then eventually you create your own Catbee toy.

The music and sound design is very eerie. The entire factory is dark and dingy. In the chase scene, it can virtually make your heart pound. Game theorists think that the people we are introduced to in the game are being made into toys, and then the experiment goes wrong.

Poppy Playtime has an art style with bright colors and cartoon-like characters with big eyes which seem goofy and safe, until you see the blood spatters on the floor and see the warning message in the factory imploring you to find help and to turn around.

The factory has signs and guidance. While you’re told to avoid the innovation wing, it’s the main component of the gameplay. You go on to create new toys, and inevitably on a high thrill chase scene from the Huggy monster.

As you explore the factory, you learn that they are making more than just toys– they are creating scientific experiments, creating inanimate objects that are capable of speaking, chasing, and possibly even killing.

All of this is just the first chapter of Poppy Playtime. There is a second chapter scheduled to be released in 2022. All in all, it has a big following, with people excited to embark on the next chapters and explore the mystery of the factory. A Poppy Playtime download is available on Steam.

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