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All of these tasks can be customized using the easy to use interface of R-Wipe & Clean. It supports all modern web browsers, as well as the FAT and NTFS file systems. The data removal process can be run immediately, or later by using the Scheduler.

Software description

R-Wipe & Clean 12 is a Windows utility to clean the local drives such as temporary Internet files, history of visited Web pages, Cookies, swap files, recently opened documents list, auto fill forms and passwords, a list of the most used components that are stored in the system registry, temporary files, etc. by using a different system as well as maintaining the privacy of the user. In addition, you can use this software to remove traces of applications used and unwanted files and folders.

• Know the software

R-Wipe & Clean will help remove useless files, free disk space, using fast and secure data removal algorithms, clears traces of browsing or offline activity, auto fill forms and password, remove cookies, history, temporary Internet files, list of documents opened using Explorer, temporary files, etc.

Main features of R-Wipe & Clean:

• Support for all major internet browsers.
• Removing information from more than 300 applications, including Microsoft Office.
• System registry cleaning.
• Wipe and delete temporary Internet files, cookies, Flash cookies, Microsoft VM logs and Java
• Clean auto fill forms, your browsing history, the list of open files, Clipboard contents, etc.
• Complete removal of the paging files.
• Clearing the event log, and the Windows Firewall logs.
• Support for FAT and NTFS file systems.
• Built-in Scheduler.
• Integration into the Windows.
• Setting a password to start the program.

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