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Rank Tracker which is an efficient keyword analysis tool. It displays visibility by search engines and keyword ranking to determine strength. Custom reports can be requested on the basis of different parameters to take necessary actions for improvement of your site. It is capable of monitoring rank, extracting ratings for specific locations and generating reports for chosen keywords.










Software description

Rank Tracker is an SEO based tool that enables you to check the ranking of your website on the basis of keywords. It is an efficient application developed for Windows and Mac operating systems. The installation process is quite simple and can be performed with a few clicks. It is available as independent solution as well as within SEO PowerSuite. The software contains a large variety of advanced options due to which it is preferred by SEO professionals. But beginners can also improve SEO methods through its customizable interface. It is a free tool with which you can monitor your site ranking.

Search Engine Ranking:

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are included among the most visited websites. Users can type the name of any topic and search engine will provide them with relevant results. The placement of these results is called ranking. The higher the ranking of a website, the easier it will be for users to access it. There are multiple factors on which site ranking depends. Keywords play a crucial role in this matter and the ranking differs for all keywords. Rank Tracker lets you check ranking of your website for as many keywords as you want.

Google Accounts Integration:

The software allows you to integrate your Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts in the project. You need to enter valid Email ID and password of your AdWords account so that you can get suggestions about suitable keywords. Google Analytics account can be accessed by providing account and profile information and is useful for tracking incoming traffic to your site. However, providing this information is not necessary and can be skipped.

Rank Tracking:

The ranking and keywords for a website can be checked by maintaining individual workspaces. You can check number of performed searches for multiple keywords and can view data of competitors for detailed comparison. You can check rank progress, ranking details and top 10 keywords used on your site. It displays graphs and figures for clear explanation of visibility and keyword difficulty and shows statistics related to organic traffic that is directed to your site. SERP Analysis provides insight of keywords in graphical form and keeps historical records for accurate results.

Personalized Reports:

Rank Tracker lets you get customized reports by choosing appropriate parameters.

The reports can be generated on the basis of

  • keyword ranking.
  • visibility.
  • competition rankings.
  • keyword rankings.
  • keyword research.
  • organic website traffic and domain strength.

This customization feature helps users to get specific information through which they can enhance their business. The extracted reports can be published via internet, sent in Email, saved at any location, printed with connected printer and can be compared with previous reports.

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