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Rapid SEO Tool is a webpage analyzer through which website owners can determine and improve the ranking of their websites. It lets you compare webpages against competitors for specific keywords. By acting upon its expert advice, you can take your online business to the top of search results and can notice a considerable enhancement in revenue production.

Software description

Rapid SEO Tool assists in optimizing websites to improve their visibility. Nowadays, every business relies on online presence to increase revenue. Majority of customers are directed to websites by search engines. Therefore, it is necessary to improve ranking on search engines. This software is beneficial for this purpose and enables users to keep check on current website ranking. It is a licensed tool whose trial version can be evaluated for limited time. Blumentals Software had released it mainly for Windows OS.

Keyword Research:
Rapid SEO Tool is capable of analyzing a website to determine its ranking on the basis of keywords. All you need to do is to enter the URL of your website and then enter at least one and maximum 4 keywords to analyze website on their basis. Moreover, you can also enter website URLs of your competitors so that your website can be compared with their quality. This comparison helps in developing new techniques for staying ahead in business.

Quality and Performance:
The software determines the quality and performance of webpages on the basis of multiple parameters. It checks Google page rank, Alexa rank, word count, Meta description, page load time, inbound link count, W3C validation results and outbound link count for the mentioned page. Title, Meta description, body tags, headings, keywords near the top and image alt are also shown in search results. These factors define the performance of a webpage. Moreover, the quality of each keyword is also displayed by analyzing its presence on major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Keyword Density:
Keyword density refers to the ratio of keyword appearance with the rest of webpage content. The software performs a detailed analysis for your required keywords and lets you compare them with your competing sites. Word count, keyword count, keyword weight and keyword prominence is found out for different webpage components including title, Meta description, H1-H6 headings, HTML body, strong words and image alt section.

Enhance Webpage Quality:
Rapid SEO Tool is suitable if you wish to find quality of your web content. It also lets you know about potential errors and provides methods through which those errors can be corrected. It monitors the ranking of your required webpages and offers suggestions about factors that can be improvised. It can generate detailed SEO reports.

Rapid SEO Tool Features:
It is an easy to use tool that efficiently helps in improving SEO ranking of webpages. It contains a lot of features in an attractive interface. It quickly performs operations and displays detailed reports in no time. Various webpages can be checked and saved in separate projects for later use. The comparison with competitors is displayed side to side on same screen for better approach.

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