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Software description

Any gamer who wishes they could squeeze out a few more frames per second on their gaming device should consider Razer Cortex. The premium brand is primarily popular among the gaming community for its high-tech gaming computers and accessories. Razer Cortex is free and helps position your PC for an improved gaming experience. Here is more about the system optimization tool and how you can use it to streamline your PC’s operations.

What are the Plans and Pricing of Razer Cortex?

Unlike most system optimization tools, Razer Cortex does not compromise performance despite being entirely free. Most free tools have irritating ads and constantly push users to upgrade to a premium, paid version.

By making Razer Cortex a free add-on tool, the brand made it easier for people to get attached to their products. The increase in product following is enough to make up for their different products’ manufacturing and marketing costs. Razer Cortex is one of the best system optimization tools that every gamer should try, and it is free.

What Features Does Razer Cortex Guarantee?

Game Booster

Most individuals who use Razer Cortex love it because of the game booster feature. This feature efficiently improves your computer’s gaming performance by detecting and managing all background processes. It ensures you free up valuable RAM space by stopping any resource-draining program or service during gameplay.

Your computer can deliver higher frame rates effortlessly, provided it has enough free RAM space. If you have a mid-range PC and love gaming, this feature is what you need. However, it would help to note that Razer Cortex is not a miracle worker that can elevate your low-end PC’s performance to a high-spec one.

System Cleaner

The system cleaner feature in Razer Cortex facilitates the scanning and removal of junk files and browser cache. Most computer users do not understand that these unused files occupy significant disk space.

Freeing up the space will provide an ideal environment for your PC to support higher frame rates and seamless performance. This feature also offers practical recommendations to optimize your system further by tweaking specific settings for more granular control.

Predictive FPS

Razer Cortex is among the many programs to use a machine-learning algorithm to increase its efficiency and effectiveness. The booster function uses this technology to predict the FPS count accurately and map it on a chart. The valuable insights gained are ideal for helping you adjust and improve your system’s performance.

Note that the system optimization tool does not constantly improve your FPS. Depending on your game, Razer Cortex may increase or reduce your PC’s frames per second. It will enhance FPS rates if you are playing a CPU-bound game, but will have minimal effect on GPU-intensive games.

Startup Optimization

Razer Cortex’s functions spread past boosting game performance. The tool also works as a startup optimization tool that improves boot time and any game’s launch time. Your computer releases memory by shutting down the resource-draining background services, reducing startup time.

Game Defragmentation

If you are playing games stored on an HDD, you need Razer Cortex to elevate your gaming experience. The game defragmentation feature only works on HDD-stored games and helps defrag your games and organize these fragmented files in your HDD. Doing this reduces startup time significantly by enhancing writing and reading speed.

Auto Boost

Razer Cortex automatically runs and tweaks all your background processes when playing games on your device. Immediately you start a game, the tool launches and restores your PC to its original state after closing the game. It optimizes and adjusts your computer settings according to the defined game mode.

Custom Color Setting

Not many system optimization tools guarantee to streamline your gaming performance and enhance your visuals. Razer Cortex is among the few devices providing a custom color setting feature to help users elevate their gaming experience. It helps fine-tune your color settings, allowing you to adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, and hue.

Speeds Up Optimization

Can you imagine optimizing your PC to improve performance without a tool providing valuable insights into the ideal configuration? You can optimize your system faster using specialist recommendations from Razer Cortex. The shared advice makes it easier to fine-tune your computer and improve overall performance.

Pros and Cons of Razer Cortex


  • It is free and has no ads
  • It guarantees to improve your PC’s frame rates
  • It includes modern UI in its build
  • It auto boosts all your games
  • It features a robust machine learning algorithm
  • It reduces game loading and delivers faster startup times


  • It lacks live customer support
  • There is no real-time monitoring
  • It lacks security tools

How to Navigate the Tool’s Interface?

The user-friendly interface found in Razer Cortex makes it easy for users to download and navigate the platform effortlessly. You can download the software’s setup on their official website or from here and run it. Since it is a free tool, you should not make any payments during installation.

The installation will start after you run the downloaded Razer Cortex setup. You will need to sign up for a Razer account to get a Razer ID. The dashboard is easy to understand and navigate.


The ideal tool to elevate your gaming experience is Razer Cortex, despite not being very versatile. It provides many features that help enhance your experience and ensure you get the most out of your gaming PC. In addition to the dozens of benefits, it is also entirely free.

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