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Discover the countless worlds of fun and friends that are hiding within Roblox. Whether you are into strategy, simulator, P2P, or cooperative games, this platform has it all and more. Download for free today and start exploring.

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Roblox is a global social gaming arena where people can join and play a variety of games with their peers from different regions of the world. These players can also conceptualise and develop a game that other players will be able to play on the platform. It is easy to participate, you download the app, open an account, if you want you can subscribe to premium membership. After that you have an access to many games, you can start playing and chat with friends on the app. The type of games available on the platform include sports, fighting and many more.

Roblox by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel came into existence in 2004, but 2006 was the official release year of the app. The platform houses user created and developer games; due to its features, the platform boasts over 180 million users since it’s creation and approximately 60 million users joins the platform every month. The main advantage of this gaming app is that, you can be download and use in all the devices regardless of the operating systems they use.

The following are a sample of games available on the platform: business simulation game, hide and seek extreme, and survive the killer. The users can explore the games effectively by personalising Roblox, buying Robux; this refers to the in-game currency, or subscribing to Roblox Premium. This offers the players with additional free features, and Robux. You can gain these currencies by trading for them or asking friends to donate them to you. Since the game allows you to create your own game, you can charge the users who will play your game and in return you earn the Robux.

Players of any age can join and play Roblox. They can participate in all the activities in Roblox such as chatting and interacting with other players online. This free access risky among the players who are 12 years and below. However, the app provides account settings where parents can control how their children interact with the application, and the type of games they can play. The app has default features where it automatically restricts accounts of kids of certain age bracket, that is, below 13 years. Children can change these settings if there is no parent personal identification number.

There are a variety of gaming options, that is, there is single-player, multiplayer, simulation, and first person shooting. Apart from playing, users can create games by using the suite of game development devices available on the platform. In Roblox, players can earn real money when friends or other users plays the game they created, and utilize the virtual Robux currency; you can convert them to real money once you reach the target amount.

Roblox is important and useful to the players since it gives them an opportunity to transform their game ideas to reality. The game design as well as creation devices are easy to use, and the scripting language, known as Lua is more easier to learn than other programming languages.

Since there are millions of users with different age brackets, and intentions, Roblox becomes unsafe to some people especially children due to the high probability of cyberbullying. It is therefore crucial to address this challenge by talking about children’s interaction with other players. To protect them from such harm, we should teach them how to conduct themselves online and how they can protect themselves from malicious individuals. We should educate them on how to block players who are being unkind in some ways and reassure them that they can express what they feel to you about any bullying they face online.