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RoboForm is a password manager application that saves all passwords users input whenever they create accounts. It gives suggestions if the password is not strong enough and it generates a more unique password.

Software description

RoboForm is a password manager application that saves, creates, and stores passwords and other sensitive information. We are in a modern world where we create numerous accounts with passwords. Having to memorize all of them is a difficult task. That’s where RoboForm comes in handy to help out. It is capable of saving as many passwords and sensitive information as possible. RoboForm has encryption that guarantees the security of the information users save in it. It may contain bank account details, a secure login, and many more. It is accessible on web browsers or apps.

To begin with, it is capable of creating random and unique passwords. Many people tend to create similar passwords across multiple accounts. This is very risky because once someone has been able to access it, they can misuse it. He will be able to log in to all your accounts and extract sensitive information. To solve this problem, RoboForm has come up with a measure mechanism.

It creates a random password with different characters that are unique to you. These passwords are complex and you don’t need to memorize all of them. RoboForm saves all of them and once you are trying to fill in forms or trying to access certain accounts, with one click it will autofill and you gain access to the account. Additionally, where there is a requirement for personal information, RoboForm can fill for you. It really makes work easier and saves a lot of time.

In addition, there is data encryption in that no one other than you can easily access it. The secret vault saves all your secret keys, passwords, and credit card details. The vault has security that has a master password. This master password is only known to you. It is never sent to the server and the level of privacy is high level. It will always detect whenever you need to insert certain passcodes. RoboForm is among the oldest password managers and it is free to download. It is available on Play and App Stores or from the official website.

RoboForm runs on practically all operating systems including Android, iOS, windows, and many more. It is efficient in password management. You can access this account on any device. All you need to do is log in to your account using your master password. It meets users’ needs in this digital era whereby you need to use several devices running from computer, laptop, and smartphones.

Furthermore, it enhances secure data sharing in case of collaboration or teamwork in companies. Admins in a company or organization can save a certain circle that can share the same vault with the company’s confidential documents, bank account details, and passwords to various accounts. Create a secure folder and a secure channel for sharing this data with other members. There is a seamless integration between RoboForm and other third-party applications like Google Authenticator. They work well together to foster faster form filling and use of information the users save. The complex form that requires finer details might be tiresome to fill.

This is because it requires the user to go back and look in the documents for those details. The official verification of RoboForm makes it safe to use and budget-friendly. It is cheap to acquire but gives a perfect and comprehensive performance. Additionally, it is able to save additional data like notes, bookmarks, and many more. This is an additional function though not its sole use. The phone does data encryption locally. You can decrypt it locally without necessarily having to use external devices.

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