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Scratch is a programming language for children that uses a simple, block-based interface. It helps kids create interactive stories, games, and animations while learning coding concepts. Easy to use and engaging, Scratch is perfect for young learners to start their coding journey.

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Android / Windows 11

Software description

Scratch is a programming language created with the purpose to help children learn to code. This platform is well-suited for beginners because it has a simple, block-based interface that makes programming accessible. Scratch makes it easy to create interactive stories, games, and animations.

The first thing you will see when you open up Scratch, is your big workspace. This workspace is where you create your projects. You have blocks on this side that you will use to create your code. Color-coded blocks that are grouped into categories of purpose, e.g., Motion, Looks, Sound and Events.

These blocks that you can drag and drop to workspace in order to create a program in Scratch. The whole code is a collection of blocks which you can literally… see how they fit together like puzzle pieces. Sprites – you can create characters and manipulate them using blocks. For example: You can make a sprite move, change its looks or play some sound.

In the middle, you have the scripts area where you put your blocks and build your code. On the right, you get to see the stage. This is the stage where your project will run, displaying the sprites and backgrounds you create. There are new sprites and backgrounds that you can go directly use in your projects.

Using variables and loops in Scratch Variables- Containers for information like numbers or text. Loops also allow you perform an action again and again. These are basic things that are necessary for building their more complex programs.

Scratch Events – another important feature Events: An event is an action that’s triggered to start (when something happens e.g. press a key, click on a sprite) Events | Make your projects interactive

Library: This is where you can access all of the sounds and graphics that Scratch offers so you can use them in your projects. You can also import your sound recordings and draw sprites. This gives you the ability to express yourself and create something entirely new.

Scratch has one of the best online communities around. Sharing projects, viewing others work and learning from them is one of the reasons why you must use this site. Community helps you to get better in coding.

Scratch – Learn to Code A terrific way to get started coding, being fun and intuitive to use It makes you think systematically and solve problems. Projects are a great way to learn how to think about, plan and design/build programs.

Scratch A block-based programming language for children. You can make your own interactive stories, games, and animations. Scratch makes you proficient in coding concepts in enjoyable style Scratch is a fantastic way for younger learners to start learning code with its easy-to-use blocks and community support.