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Scratch is an educational app where users can code their own creations.

Software details

Android / Windows 11

Software description

Welcome to Scratch, a coding app that allows you to create anything. Through our accessible interface, people are about to fully explore their imaginations.

About Us

Scratch is an educational app where you can create your own games, stories, music, and animations through our coding system. Without over a million downloads, this kid-friendly platform has developed a strong global community of creators looking to expand on their coding ability.

Our work team consists of programmers, designers, and translators working diligently to bring our coding vision to life. Scratch was originally developed by MIT Media Lab, a group of innovative researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Since the beginning, we’ve had the aim of changing the way people use coding software. The platform is funded by Scratch Foundation, a nonprofit organization run by experts from all over the industry. The foundation is powered by donors, all of whom make our collaborative efforts possible.

Creating Code

Think of Scratch as a programming language for all. Our team has developed a fun learning platform where children are able to engage their creativity in a playful environment. Through our interactive media, people from all over the world are able to improve essential skills such as creative thinking, reasoning, computer coding, pattern recognition, project planning, attention to detail, and collaborative teamwork.

Creators are able to use the block-like interface to code and mix different forms of media together, whether it’s through text, sound, or graphics. Finished projects can be exported to other formats such as Android. Since December of 2021, the user community has posted over 92 million projects worldwide, fostering a long-lasting community to quickly grow and thrive.

Exploring the Features

You can develop a number of projects on our platform, most notably in animation, artwork, gaming, music, storytelling, and tutorial making. Are you looking to design a project through coding? Start by taking a look at our features, which include the following:

  • A full library of characters and backdrops to choose from. From here, you can carefully cultivate your own designs from the large selection of choices.
  • A selection of sounds, as well as a recording device with which you can create your own audio.
  • A free, easy-to-use interface where users can learn how to code right away.
  • A set of tutorials to learn how to code from.
  • A work offline feature. Here, users can save and work on projects without any internet connection.
  • An exporting tool that allows users to transfer and share their creations on various platforms.
  • A discussion forum where users can come together and share comments or creations with the community at large.
  • A Wiki page that further expands on the knowledge base of users.
  • An exploratory area where you can visit the animations, artwork, games, music, stories, and tutorials of other creators.
  • An educational resource designed to help teachers, students, and classrooms with how to use Scratch.

Join the Community

If you are looking to get started with the app, our platform has a number of tutorials and activity guides to explore. You can join by signing up for an account and by finding a Scratch download online.