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SEO SpyGlass is a cross platform application which is also a component of SEO PowerSuite. The official product website claims to have more than 2 million users who have successfully developed their online businesses. Its powerful analytic tools can gather necessary information in no time and benefit you in multiple ways.









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Software description

Supercharge your SEO skills using SEO SpyGlass. Make your site competitive on most search engines. SEO SpyGlass can be your only tool for managing SEO tasks and generating backlinks. It has many features that can unlock your web’s full potential for more traffic and revenue. Invest in a great SEO tool today and use SEO SpyGlass.

SEO SpyGlass is available in two plans: Professional and Enterprise. Both are great tools in maximizing your site’s SEO prowess. It can determine your competitor sites as well as the backlinks and keyword they’re using. What more are you looking for in an SEO tool? Purchase and make SEO SpyGlass yours now.

Highlight features of SEO SpyGlass

  • Identifies backlinks to different websites
  • Reveals competing website’s strategy to link building
  • Displays effective backlinks
  • Backlink reports
  • Security features
  • Customizable and flexible performance
  • Cross-platform and multi-language support

Primary functionalities of SEO SpyGlass

Identifies backlinks to different websites

SEO SpyGlass can discover what websites are connected to the backlinks. It will give you more knowledge as to what’s useful and what’s not doing well. Point the best way to put backlinks to what type of article. Gain more user engagement with tips on the best way to insert backlinks that draws interest and interaction.

Reveals competing website’s strategy to link building

It can analyze the link-building strategy of the competition. Imitate other site’s systems to compete on most search engines and web traffic. You can study and make your plan based on their ways so that yours will be unique and more effective than theirs. It’s essential to stay relevant in the online world; therefore, SEO SpyGlass is an excellent addition to your site tools suite.

Displays effective backlinks

You can view the useful backlinks and those that aren’t. There are two use cases with the mentioned feature. You can copy the style or placement of the valuable backlinks to the structure of your webpages. On the other hand, you can view the worst-performing backlinks and learn lessons on what to avoid. It’s a double-edged sword if you think of it.

Backlink reports

SEO SpyGlass generates detailed reports and statistics about your backlinks. View your useful and worse backlinks. Get insights and guidance on what to adjust and where to put backlinks on your webpages. You can use the other features of the tool to make your site more competitive.

Security features

Safely generate and analyze backlinks using the human emulation feature. It will protect you from violating most search engines’ policies on robots and automation of backlinks analysis.

Customizable and flexible performance

You can view different tabs side-by-side to multitask better. You can set and customize parameters to generate additional and more granular results. Avoid general keywords and other relevant information by narrowing your queries. Besides, by doing so, you’re elevating your site’s chances of success for more web traffic.

Cross-platform and multi-language support

SEO SpyGlass is available on most platforms, so you can use it no matter the device you use. It is available in different languages so that you can localize both the app interface and backlink processes.

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