SlimBrowser Download

SlimBrowser is an important web browser because of its fast performance and its significant design. The stability of this browser is top-notch and it removes any performance restrictions available in traditional single process browsers.

Software details

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows PC

Software description

SlimBrowser is a multiple site web browser from flash peak Inc., a company in Austin, Texas. It is one of the twelve browser choices in European economic area users of Microsoft windows in 2010.

SlimBrowser incorporates a large collection of features and their functions which are as follows. First, it has a completely new ad blocker that has a better design to significantly improve the effectiveness and block obtrusive ads with the built-in ad blocker. This saves waste bandwidth and memory that ad images and flash files consumes. It displays current weather condition and better forecast accuracy which it supports seven-day forecasting information. In addition, it eliminates ad banners or obtrusive components within web pages uploads and shares photos. One can download any YouTube videos at a 10x speed directly from the browser and blocks annoying ads.

It has online translation which you can view the translation of any piece of text in small popup window without leaving the page. Therefore, it is more flexible and installs more plugins and themes from online add-on library for more functionality and style. Moreover, it has download manager which uses multiple connections in parallel to download files. The download manager includes intelligent form filler, password, and a pop up- blocker. This enables online security and convenience.

Lastly it has pop-blocker which suppress all annoying pop-up ads and annoying pop-up windows before they have any chance to come out while browsing in internet. The select- and-translate feature allows you to translate any text within a webpage.

One most important advantage of SlimBrowser is its rich set of built in features as it brings convenient and comfortable browsing. It achieves faster startup speed, web browsing and overall responsiveness. On the other hand, it also lacks personalization options and it is a poor show.