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Speedify is therefore recommended for use globally, spanning from small scale individual use to large scale industrial use.

Software details

Android APK
Android / mac / Windows 11

Software description

Speedify is a well known VPN software aimed at enhancing the user’s internet connection to the maximum while at the same time taking care of data security and privacy. Like other VPNs, speedify uses encryption to safeguard data safety. However, speedify uses enhanced, bank grade AES-256 and AES-128 to ensure top privacy and security of client data which is given a very high priority.

Speedify also aims at providing uninterrupted internet connectivity to users during browsing or other internet activities. To achieve this, it has extensively made use of the unique channel bonding technology. This feature allows one to connect to multiple internet service providers at the same time e.g it can let the user connect to both cellular data and wifi or any other forms of internet connectivity. In the case that one source’s performance goes down,like moving out of the effective range of your WiFi network connection, Speedify uses another of its superb features, automatic failover,to seamlessly connect the user to the working network without any momentary lapse,hence minimising disturbance to the user who continues to enjoy optimal internet connection.

Flexibility,a feature missing in most VPNs,is well covered by speedify. This means that the software is very compatible with both android and MacBook(computers mounted with Apple silicon chips). It is highly adaptable and can run seamlessly on multiple devices and processors without any specialization , discrimination or affiliation towards certain gadgets. It is also compatible with a large number of operating systems i.e.Windows,iOS, Android,MacOs and Linux. In organisational setups,it can also work with the command line interface in dedicated servers. It therefore makes itself appropriately convenient to anyone who needs it regardless of the processor type or operating system installed in the subject gadgets.

Speedify has also achieved omnipresence by effectively working on the background thus leaving ample space for uninterrupted user activity. It automatically adjusts performance in a network by picking out the prioritised tasks or users over the less pressing tasks and allows them optimal internet access.This allows the user to experience improved upload and download speeds. Moreover, speedify is compatible with a wide variety of major streaming applications and services. These include; Twitch, Instagram,Tiktok, Zoom, YouTube, Facebook,Streamlabs, Vimeo and many more others. While in the background, speedify gives top priority to streams over other services thus eradicating the annoying temporary disconnects and glitches (hanging). It also automatically chooses the best channels to send data through from the source to destination. This further ensures minimal network disruption and top transmission speeds.

Elasticity has also proved to be an indispensable asset under speedify. It can work with five devices simultaneously without flinching. In this area, it also has the family feature whereby twenty five users can be hosted concurrently i.efive users each supporting five devices but under the same umbrella. Speedify can also be super instrumental in organizations whereby it can be used on company servers and boost internet bonding in the entire organization. It can also prove useful in company video meetings ensuring proper communication of ideas and instructions.

Although it comes at a high price,the cost of Speedify cannot by any means outweigh its benefits in various places and circumstances as listed below. For IRL live streamers,it is a very essential tools for productivity. This fact has been proved by the weekly guests who feature on the Speedify livestream hosted by the CEO Alex Gizis. It is a sure boost to those who make a living in this manner.
The press and journalism sector can also draw vast benefits from speedify by using it to boost their network speed, quality and security which brings about reliability and subsequently customer trust It is simply a must have!

Online churches also have a great use of this app to ensure seamless perfection in their transmission to avoid irritating the congregation with temporary disconnects. Speedify has also bunched its slot in satellite connectivity globally to secure and speed up the uplink and downlinks, and unlock the full potential of satellite communications thus proving its worth.