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Steam software is home to indie games. It huge collection brings you games and apps that uplift your mood with the ultimate gaming experience. Find the gaming community on the platform to interact with other e-gamers like you. Its built-in point shop rewards you for purchases or engagement in the community. The app is free to use on your PC.

Software details

Linux / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 11

Software description

Steam software brings you all kinds of fun and engaging indie games. A collection of games from big companies is available on the platform. But it’s mainly focused toward supporting small scale, independent game developers.

The gaming platform offers an unmatched gaming experience. Since it’s connected to a digital storefront, you can browse and quickly download games of your choice.

Indie Game Collection

The vast collection of indie games on this platform is second to none. Either look for well-known games via this tool or browse gaming categories that you usually prefer.

You may prefer interactive, casual, or role-playing games. Or maybe you are more of a fan of open world, racing, or survival games. Now you can find games for all these categories via this tool.

New games are added to the platform every now and then. So, you can grow your gaming collection with this modern app.

Join Gamers Community

Nothing beats the experience of joining a community of like-minded gamers. Right? So, explore the gaming community anytime.

The community activity section gives you an overview of topics under discussion. Game reviews are also present here that can guide you about which games you should enjoy.

Gamers with tech experience often develop custom mods for a unique experience. In the forum section, there’s a Workshop tab where you’ll find resources to prepare this custom content. Another option is to buy in-game items sold by other gamers in the community market group.

Deals and Special Offers

Despite being a passionate e-gamer, it may not always be possible to buy the games you like. Thus, Steam comes up with special offers so you can get your hands on those games without breaking the bank.

You may notice daily offers, special weekend deals, or discount offers by specific publishers. But remember these offers are only valid for a limited period.

Steam Software for Desktop

Steam is an online store as well as a desktop software. So, you can install it on your Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android systems. It’s compatible with Windows 7 and later versions. And the app supports 28 different languages for a good user experience.

To get the app on your computer, you’d need to download and launch its setup. After installing this tool on your PC, you can browse and download free as well as paid games.

Points Shop: Get Loyalty Benefits

The gaming software values its loyal users. This is why it has a points shop for gamers. Purchase games or contribute to the community to earn points.

These points accumulate over time and help you customize the gaming experience. Get fun items with these points including but not limited to:

  • New games or apps
  • Animated avatars
  • Hardware
  • In-game items
  • Soundtracks
  • Chat items for community engagement

Relax with Chill Mode

With Steam software, you now have the facility to enjoy PC games on your big TV screen. So, get a console-like experience with this feature.

Navigate gaming options and launch your favorite ones in the big picture mode. Or buy and rent movies to stream on your TV. As of now, this movie collection is quite limited.

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