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Tidal is a type of music subscription application that is based from Norway. This app can cater a wide range of music, podcasts and even video streaming services that cohesively combines with losless audio and a very high definition videos. It has also an exclusive content and very distinct special features that the users would surely love. It was first launched in the year 2014 by the Norwegian Company called Aspiro and is currently operated and owned by Project Panther Bidco.

Software details

Android / Windows 10

Software description

Tidal has three massive record companies and many indie or independent record labels where they have some exclusive distribution contracts or agreements. Tidal humbly admits to cater a wide access for more than 70 million songs and 250,000 videos. It has two levels of service offered: First, the Tidal Premium which has lossy quality and Tidal HiFi which has lossless quality of CD. They also admit that they are responsible in paying the highest percentage rate of royalties to various music artists and composers within the streaming parameters or market.

Last March 2015, Aspiro was able to merge or acquire with Project Panther Bidco Limited which also reintroduced the service, having a massive marketing advertisement. They were the first streaming service which the artist has the sole ownership to his or her music. In the year 2017 of January, Sprint Corporation acquired 33% of Tidal’s assets and ownership and was reported to have a value of $200 million. In last March of 2021, Square was convinced to purchase Tidal for approximately $297 million. As part of the agreement, Square will own the major shares of Tidal, but also Jay Z will be appointed to the board of directors from the said company.

Tidal has so much to offer in order for the user to fully experience a less hassle music application. It has more than 70 million songs to choose from and there are no ads at all. It has different types of mixes and radios that would surely fit to your preference. It’s customized range of songs and videos or even discover the newest releases from different artists worldwide. These playlists were also hand-picked so that you can feel a personalized touch every time you listen to these songs. These playlists are also picked by their team of experts and can also predict some great songs related to your current songs. It is very convenient – you can basically play your favorite songs any time and any where you go with no hassle at all.

With the wide range of users you can surely be secured the high quality Tidal has to offer. It is available to all leading operating systems namely Android and Apple Store. It was rated as the best collaboration of music and sound selection and has the sense of convenience for over the years. They have some free trials so that you can assess to avail their premium but I am pretty sure that you will have not regrets since this music application is one of the leading apps out there.