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Tidal has three massive record companies and many indie or independent record labels where they have some exclusive distribution contracts or agreements. It humbly admits to cater a wide access for more than 70 million songs and 250,000 videos. It has two levels of service offered: First, the Premium which has lossy quality and the app HiFi which has lossless quality of CD. They also admit that they are responsible in paying the highest percentage rate of royalties to various music artists and composers within the streaming parameters or market.









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Tidal is a music streaming service with an emphasis on providing high-quality audio and paying artists well, often being compared with Apple Music and Spotify in terms of cost and features. Tidal provides access to an expansive library as well as some unique offerings, with higher quality sound often coming at an increased subscription fee compared to similar services such as Apple Music or Spotify. This premium subscription also gives access to exclusive titles and specialized features not found elsewhere on these other services.

Tidal’s primary purpose is bringing artists closer to their fans, and it lives up to its reputation of being a music streaming service designed for music enthusiasts. Tidal provides a more intimate experience than other apps by providing exclusive content, music-oriented videos and HD quality audio. Furthermore, this app was made for large screens; its Explore tab boasts titles and colors that pop against its dark black background for optimal use on big screens.

Tidal follows a typical music streaming app layout with its search bar at the top of the screen that offers suggestions based on your listening history and genres you have visited before. There is an expansive catalog of pop/hip hop hits as well as indie punk and rock that spans from popular hits like Pitch Perfect 3 through to more obscure indie punk rock tracks; Tidal organizes them well by genre, mood (Workout, Pride Party etc) or chart-toppers for easy browsing.

Tidal stands out with its ability to allow users to drag and drop songs into playlists, an invaluable feature that is often absent in other music streaming apps and can make all the difference when creating playlists for specific occasions or moods. Furthermore, there’s even an recommendation feature built right into each created playlist – an effective way of discovering new tunes that suit you!

Tidal offers more than the typical playlists and charts; its innovative Fan Also Like feature lets you see which tracks or albums your favorite artist enjoys listening to, with an accompanying playlist showcasing only tracks or albums favored by them. Another cool feature allows users to interact with credits for tracks and albums – giving a great way of getting acquainted with artists as you learn how their music was made!

Tidal offers much to its users, yet some might find themselves disenchanted with it due to a lack of social features like those offered by other apps – specifically sharing music with your friends and integrating with WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger – or offering podcasting support – this may turn some people away from making use of its features.

Tidal stands out among streaming music apps as the only truly high-fidelity choice, making it ideal for serious listeners with superior headphones or speakers. Its hi-res master-track format is one step above CD quality found on iTunes or Amazon and supported by an array of headphones and home theater systems – though comparatively more costly compared to other services it may be worth the additional investment for many music enthusiasts.

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