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Trend Micro Internet Security is a good software that is very reliable in protecting computers from harm. It has many features that relate to security. It does not affect the performance of the computer.

Software description

The developer of Trend Micro Internet Security is Trend Micro. This is a company that specializes in developing enterprise security software for businesses. It is an online security program that protects the PC against online threats. Trend Micro Internet Security keeps the computer safe from malware, spyware, phishing, identity theft, ransomware and other evolving threats. It protects the computer without affecting its performance in any way. It gives the user an opportunity to browse, bank and shop online without worry. This is because this security program works throughout without stop to keep the computer safe from threats.

Trend Micro Internet Security works in devices with Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems. The main uses for Trend Micro Internet Security include protecting the computer against new and evolving threats. Also, it has an anti-ransomware technology that uses machine learning to protect files from hostage situations. Another security reason is protection from identity theft and phishing. It is responsible for blocking any websites that may be dangerous. The Folder Shield helps to keep files safe from ransomware and it allows only applications with permission to access the files in protection.

Trend Micro Internet Security has features that makes it a powerful tool in online protection. First, it has an antivirus security feature that detects and removes viruses. This ensures that there are no threats in the user’s emails, internet downloads and the PC. Also, this feature has an automatic updater that protects the system against new virus threats. In addition, it contains spyware protection. This feature protects the computer by blocking and removing root kits that hide deep in the computer as well adware, and spyware. It has a personal firewall which is responsible for intercepting any attacks or viruses before they infect user’s computer or home network.

In addition, it has a spam filter tool which works only with Outlook. It protects the user’s mail by scanning messages the user receives. It then saves scam mails as junk and spams to avoid crowding the inbox area. However, the user can override it as an address to trust in case a legitimate mail is in junk mistakenly. Trend Micro Internet Security protects users from attackers in online phishing. These attackers deceive people to share their sensitive information so that they can steal from them. It is very common with credit cards and account numbers. Trend Micro Internet Security offers real-time protection.

Trend Micro Internet Security monitors the wireless home network of the user and protects it against unofficial users. Also, it updates every computer on your network using a console to ensure the security measures are up to date. Furthermore, this tool offers Pay Guard that protects your online transactions. It ensures that the user can do online shopping, banking, and carry out sensitive transactions without worry of insecurity. Another useful feature is privacy scanner which helps to keep your personal information private in social media sites. There is a new feature that helps parents control their children’s internet activity. They can limit their time on internet and even block websites they find inappropriate to their kids.

Trend Micro Internet Security has a very effective and convenient customer support that is available anytime. It has a basic version of 30-day free trial and payment after that. Despite all the benefits, there are disadvantages of using this tool. It lacks a feature to monitor and secure home network when you are away. Also, the parental controls only apply in devices that this software run on. There is no protection for the Windows webcam means hackers can access it. Moreover, the licensing of this tool limits the usage to only three computers per subscription.

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