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Trend Micro Internet Security has proven itself to be among the top players in internet security, scoring high in from usability to Security and Value.

Software description

With Trend Micro Internet Security, you can privately chat online, stream videos, and download files without worrying about being hacked or otherwise exposed. Performance, security, usability, and value are all areas where they consistently receive praise from their reviewers.

The newest spyware, fraud, and scams won’t stand a chance against Trend Micro Internet Security, which is truly compatible with Windows 11. This means you can buy, play, as well as interact online with the peace of mind that one’s gadgets and data are safe. Let’s look at their pros, cons, and review of this product.


  • We found that it was very effective at preventing phishing attempts and blocking fraudulent URLs.
  • The protected web browser that boosts your computer’s performance for electronic banking
  • Examiner of personal information on social media
  • Extensive collection of helpful extras


  • Inefficient Parental Control
  • I Test results were dismal on a hands-on malware protection exam.
  • Inadequate results in anti-virus lab tests
  • Fewer license options
  • Absence of a firewall

Many security vendors provide three tiers of protection: a basic antivirus, a more robust security suite, and an all-inclusive, feature-packed mega-suite. Maintaining a sense of equilibrium between the feature collections at each level is crucial. If they put so much effort into improving the core antivirus product, the corporation must include even more in the suite.

Even while Trend Micro Internet Security has many useful extras, some of which aren’t included in the basic antivirus program, it’s still not a must-have. That, in addition to various license constraints, makes it less desirable. For the best protection, go for Trend Micro’s flagship suite, Maximum Security.

What is the Price Range for Trend Micro Internet Security?

Similar to Bitdefender Internet Security as well as Kaspersky, Trend Micro Internet Security costs $79.95 a year for three licenses on the manufacturer’s website. Trend Micro, on the other hand, isn’t as adaptable in terms of pricing as its rivals. Trend Micro Maximum Security costs $89.95 for five licenses, which is necessary if you need more than three licenses.

Please be aware that the 10-license membership for Maximum Security has been discontinued and has been superseded with the $139.95 10-license subscription for Trend Micro Premium Security. For the same annual price of $139.99, you can secure every Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS device in your home with McAfee Total Protection.

It’s important to remember that Norton is just as rigid as Trend Micro. For $149.99 per year, you get five Norton 360 security licenses, five unlimited VPN subscriptions, 100GB of backup space, and LifeLock Select’s base level of financial remediation services. Two further $100 tiers provide even more of everything, up to limitless licenses plus 500GB of data storage. There is no way to merely get new security licenses, for example.

The primary window of Trend Micro Internet Security is distinctive in that it features a large, round Scan button in the middle, with four icons representing Device, Privacy, Data, and Family security across the top. By highlighting and clicking on one of these icons, you can access additional information about its functions. The primary window is nearly identical to Trend Micro’s free antivirus software, except for the product name in the top left corner.

Shared Antivirus Capabilities

My evaluation of Trend Micro Internet Security should be your first stop in learning about the suite’s primary features. In the event you do not have any chance to read the entire antivirus evaluation, I’ll briefly describe my results here.

There is a wide range of opinions on Trend Micro among the four independent testing laboratories I regularly use. Aviva-Test Institute, received 17.5 out of a possible 18 points, making it a prime product with Bitdefender, Vipre, and several others. Nearly all products examined by SE Labs, including Trend Micro, were awarded the highest possible rating of AAA in their most recent study. Trend Micro earned two Advanced ratings and a single Standard rating from AV-Comparatives across three separate tests. As with McAfee, it did not pass either of the MRG Effitas tests.

Based on data from the labs that I track, Trend Micro’s aggregate lab score is 8.5, which is a decrease from the prior review’s 9.2 grade. That’s the worst score of any product evaluated by any of the four testing facilities. Both Kaspersky Internet Security and Norton scored 9.7 out of 10 in tests conducted by four separate laboratories. Bitdefender scored a 9.8 but that’s based on data from only 3 labs.

In our hands-on malware protection test, Trend Micro Internet Security performed quite poorly. The 7.8 out of a potential 10 points places it towards the bottom. Bitdefender had the second-worst performance against these samples. Though Bitdefender performed poorly in my hands-on test, its excellent lab results more than made up for it.

When Trend Micro was put to the test to defend a test system from malware-hosting URLs gathered over the past couple of days, it achieved a very respectable 94% success rate. To a large extent, Trend Micro prevented the browser from reaching the malicious page altogether. A hundred percent detection was achieved by McAfee, Sophos, and Vipre, while F-Secure Internet Security and a few others achieved 99 percent.

Trend Micro was also effective at identifying phishing websites, which are designed to trick users into divulging sensitive information. Trend Micro did fairly well when put to the test, defending a test system at a rate of 94% against malware-hosting URLs gathered during the past few days. Trend Micro blocked access to the malicious website 99.9% of the time it was activated.

F-Secure Internet Security and a few others only detected 99 percent of the threats, while McAfee and Sophos both scored a perfect 100. Trend Micro was also effective at identifying phishing sites, which are malicious websites that attempt to trick users into revealing sensitive information, including passwords.

Here’s the Verdict

However, while Trend Micro Internet Security expands on the already robust capabilities of Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security, its more robust sibling, Trend Micro Maximum Security, is the superior option.

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