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Overall, Trillian is a user friendly application that has brought an evolution in the world of instant messaging. It provides support for various social networking sites, hence the users can easily chat with the users of Trillion services and social sites through single software window.

Software description

Trillian is an instant multiprotocol messaging application for Windows, MacOSX, android, Linux, iOS and the web. It can be used to connect multiple IM services such as Facebook messenger, AIM, Bonjour, Google Hangouts, mIRC, ICQ, Jabber and Yahoo Messenger as well as social sites such as Linkedin, Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook and email services such as IMAP and POP3.

The Trillian’s administrative options allows complete control without compromising its utility, Users and Groups is used to add and disable users, cloud history used for compliance monitoring & export, group chats can be used to lock membership or open for others in team to join. The main features of Trillian are IM services, Mail services, Metacontact which eliminates duplicates and simplifies contact list, activity history by creating log in text and XMl files, stream manipulation that allows user to record, review, pause, rewind, audio, video sessions, SecureIM which is 128 bit blowfish encryption system, Instant Lookup for online real time reference using wikipedia free database, Emotiblips for real time streaming of songs and videos, Hidden smileys that contains emoticons that are invisible in the menu, In-Game chat which allows users to toggle overlay when playing video game and simultaneously use its chat features.

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