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Turbo VPN is an innovative virtual private networking application that encrypts your Internet connection and offers you true online privacy.

Software description

Turbo VPN allows you to connect directly with servers located around the world. It provides quick access to block websites, secure web browsing, and enhanced privacy for online activities. It has no data or log policy for increased anonymity giving users a strong layer of digital safety. Its features include free speed testing, 256-bit encryption technology, and split tunneling ability to customize traffic routing preferences.

It offers the auto reconnect feature when the server goes down; zero-logging policy on all server connections. It provides an IP leak protection feature, unlimited simultaneous device connections per user account ,and more reliable connectivity. The intuitive app interface makes it easy for anyone who desires greater security while browsing the Web without any prior technical knowledge.

Security and Privacy

Turbo VPN is a secure and advanced web service. It provides high online security and privacy with its many special features. One of the major features of Turbo VPN is its Secure Internet Connection. It guarantees your data and information from access, lost or revealed to any third-parties. It diverts all traffic through a secure OpenVPN/IPsec tunnel which encrypts your sensitive data like banking transactions, passwords etc.

Virtual Location Selection

It offers features such as virtual location selection. It allows users to connect from any part of the world and get access to frequently blocked websites. This feature also allows user to hide their IP address, which makes it difficult for malicious actors to trace them online. Turbo VPN ensures fast connection speeds by automatically selecting the best server closest in proximity to the end-user’s current location. It helps keep data safe with AES 256-bit military-grade encryption technology while protecting users against trackers and hackers.


Uses OpenVPN
Easy setup on all devices
Fast speeds


Shares user data with China
No extra privacy features
unblock Netflix


Price $0

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