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UC Browser Mini App Download

UC Browser Mini is updated regularly to meet consumer needs. The easy integration with lower-end android devices makes it one of the popular browsers in the market. It is available for free download in popular mobile app distribution platforms.

Software details


Software description

The UC Browser Mini App is a lightweight version of the full UC browser with a user friendly interface. It is best suited for android phones with limited storage space and lower specifications.

The App comes in a tiny size but with a fast download experience and data saving functionality. It contains navigation cards which allow the user to access local content online. The download manager supports three key functions: It allows multiple download of files at the same time, background downloading where one can keep downloading content after closing the browser window and lastly, the Cloud download feature. UC Browser Mini supports Incognito browsing to protect privacy. Therefore, users can surf the net without leaving traces of their browsing session. The night mode enables users to read comfortably at night or in dark environments. There is gesture control for videos where one can adjust volume, progress or brightness level. This application allows Ad-blocking and saving pages for offline reading.

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