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UC Browser Mini is updated regularly to meet consumer needs. The easy integration with lower-end android devices makes it one of the popular browsers in the market. It is available for free download in popular mobile app distribution platforms.







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Do you want to experience next-level internet browsing? Are you tired of the bloatedness of Chrome or the slowness of Firefox? Do you want something that has more features and freedom? Well, if your answer is yes, then download and use UC Browser Mini App.

Unlike other browser applications on the Play Store, it has both Chrome and Firefox’s strengths plus more features. It’s lightweight, hence the name Mini so that it will run even on low-end devices. Remove distractions and become a power-user with UC Browser Mini App.

UC Browser Mini App – Key features

  • Accelerated browsing
  • Watch videos
  • Video downloader
  • Enjoy face swap
  • Incognito and privacy mode
  • Ad-blocker

In-depth review of UC Browser Mini App

Accelerated browsing

The team behind UC Browser Mini App promises a faster web browsing experience. Loading webpages are accelerated, so you don’t have to wait for ages to access a website. Unlike famous browsers, it can convert pages into their lite mode to save data and load pages faster.

Watch videos

If you think we’re done, you’re wrong. UC Browser Mini App has so many features out of the box. You might wonder how it can fit so many features in a small package, well it’s a result of excellent development.

You can watch videos right inside the app. View TV shows from both Hollywood and Bollywood. Easily search and view content anywhere. Also, you can like and comment on videos to interact with the community of users. Share your thoughts and enjoy with the world.

Video downloader

You can download videos from different websites. Also, you can grab a link to download videos from other applications directly. There are many ways to capture a media file, and UC Browser Mini App makes it easier.

UC Browser Mini App boosts downloads so you can immediately consume media. It is possible to download videos simultaneously so you can save more time. Download and save multiple videos at a time. You can pause and resume downloads for later. All and all, these features make UC Browser Mini App a great download manager too.

Enjoy face swap

UC Browser Mini App has a fun face swap mode. You can import photos and let the app do the magic. Share your creations to others and face swap with friends. Images can be imported to your device or shared directly to social media sites. Let the world know your fun and cute side; use face swap now!

Incognito and privacy mode

Keep your browsing more private by using the incognito mode. Privately browse the web with UC Browser Mini App’s great privacy features. You can clear your web history and stop websites from tracking you. Prevent other people from getting access to your web history by using UC Browser Mini App.


UC Browser Mini App can block ads on the webpages you visit. Websites often insert trackers on ads that follow you on the web. These trackers personalize your ads so the content will be relevant to you.

Save webpage loading time and internet bandwidth by blocking all ads. Say goodbye to intrusive ads and enjoy distraction-free browsing.

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