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UC Browser is one of the most popular web browsers through which you can browse the internet with convenience. You can choose Chromium or Internet Explorer kernel as per your preferences. It’s a reliable browser, known for its speed. You can run it on your PC without having to worry about the system performance. It’s the right choice for people who are tired of their slow internet connection. It improves the user experience. UCWeb Inc. launched this software for Android-based devices, but now it’s also available for Windows PCs. The browser is a freeware that can be translated into 14 different languages.









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Software description

Computer users look for web browsers that offer a seamless experience. UC Browser is a recently new addition to desktop browsers through which you can visit websites.

The developers launched this application in 2004 and it soon became the talk of the town due to its efficient performance. It can work on limited resources. Therefore, you can use it even if your PC has low memory space or your internet connection is quite slow.

Ad Blocker

If you despise pop-ups and ads that ruin your internet experience, then this browser is for you. It has a built-in ad-blocker that efficiently blocks all ads. You can now browse the internet without any unwanted disruptions.

Fast Speed

When browsing the internet, nothing irritates users more than slow websites. If it takes long to open a webpage, you may think twice before visiting the website again.

UC Browser, however, is equipped with engines that boost speed. It quickly loads websites as well as helps you download the required files without unwanted delays. Moreover, its download manager efficiently manages downloaded files and assists you in keeping track of downloads.

Video Content

Do you enjoy watching online videos? Then the video support by UC Browser can benefit you. It can play high-quality videos on its built-in video player. You can pop out its video player so that you can browse web pages, while the video runs in the background.

If you like any video, you can download it to enjoy later. The video grabber option of this browser facilitates you to download content with just a single mouse-click.


While browsing the internet, you may come across a webpage that contains useful information. You may think about how you can save it so that you don’t find it difficult to access the webpage again.

UC Browser simplifies the task and makes this work easier for you. You can bookmark as many web pages as you want. It also supports external bookmarks and allows you to import them from other web browsers.

Mouse Gestures

Via its settings menu, you can manipulate mouse gestures for smooth web browsing. You can customize the operations for every gesture to make the experience more enjoyable.

UC Browser is one of the best web browsers out there. It boosts browsing and downloading speeds and runs video content without slowing down your system. It’s a customizable solution that blocks ads for added convenience.

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