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UTunnel is a cost effective, and simple VPN solution. It offers optimum performance, and seamless protection to business network on cloud. The software is easy to setup and use.

Software description

UTunnel is a VPN solution that allows users to easily set up their own loyal VPN. They can do this with either a cloud partner, or on the premises of the business. Anyone can use this software to deploy a private VPN. However, initially the main target of the software was business use. A private VPN serve offers users a clean static IP that gives them a better access to the web. Other VPNs provides a sharable Ips that some online services can block.

In addition, UTunnel provides users with a freedom to select DNS servers. This application is also a perfect option for offices that have remote access. This is because, private VPN server makes it efficient to manage employee access to business resources.

With the application, users can activate logs, and other statistics. These are available in case the user wants them for a particular reason. On the other hand, the UTunnel VPN is compatible with most devices. That is, it works on devices that runs on either Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android.

UTunnel offers various benefits to its users. For instance, it is easy to configure. UTunnel VPN does not need expensive hardware or complicated software. Users can also set up the software on the cloud with the help of providers such as Digital Ocean, Linode, Azure, or AWS. In addition, the businesses can also select to set it up on-premise. This depends on the requirements of their business. No matter how you set up the software, the VPN service can be quickly up and function for personal or business use.

UTunnel also offers a better security feature. The UTunnel VPN service utilizes military-grade encryption for protecting the business, and personal data. It also uses OpenVPN, and IPsec Ikev 2, these are world-class encryption standards. With these powerful encryption methods that matches global standards, and extra security features; such as 2 factor authentication, businesses are certain that their data, and information are secure.

Additionally, with Utunnel VPN, users can seamlessly control various network settings from a user-friendly management console. Apart from that, it is also easier to invite users on a private VPN server, and manage their user roles. This is achievable through the web dashboard. Central management is a significant feature especially for businesses.

In the same connection, besides easy installation, and management, the software offer users multiple configuration choices. Users can go for UTunnel VPN’s own DNS server or utilize their own. Additionally, they can activate split-tunneling to route only particular web traffic via the VPN. This is important as it reduces server loads when people are working remotely. With manual VPN connections, users can set up routers work collaborate with UTunnel with the aid of configuration files.

Furthermore, UTunnel is compatible with different platforms. This is a huge advantage since users can have its client applications set up on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. This ensures that users will be safe at work, and when they are on the move.

UTunnel offers a ten-day free trial as a bonus, and getting the service is very easy. Apart from the free trial service, the app is also in different versions. That is, there is a standard version which comes with latest VPN features useful for businesses. This version goes for $7.50 per month. Among the features with this version are device filtering, split routing, site-to-site VPN tunneling.

UTunnel also, offers router configuration, and live connection status among others. There is a basic plan also which costs $5 per month. This plan contains features such as manual VPN connections, static IP address, and multiple protocol support and so on.

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