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Website Auditor is an on-page optimizer that assists with modifying on-page factors to improve ranking in search engines. It acts like search engine crawler and lets you correct technical errors on pages. It creates sitemap to ensure the structure of your website and generates reports for customized parameters. It keeps check on HTML tags, CSS, scripts and videos to make sure that the content is easily searchable for Google, Yahoo and Bing.










Software description

Do you want to know the secrets of SEO experts? Do you like to learn how to empower your site’s search engine discoverability? If you’re eager to say yes, then Website Auditor is an ideal choice for you. Built with small creators in mind, it has many features that are easy to understand for beginners.

WebSite Auditor is a great tool to manage your website entirely. From SEO to optimizing every webpage, you can rely on it to perform great. If you want something that you can trust your website with, this is the one to get. Read on to learn more.


  • Seamless website operation
  • Supports Google XML Sitemaps for enhanced website indexing
  • Ability to manage robot.txt files
  • Content optimization
  • Webpage reports
  • SEO
  • Customizable and flexible
  • Security features
  • Different platform compatibility and language support

Seamless website operation

Operate your website efficiently. WebSite Auditor will analyze and show a detailed structure of your website. With it, you can devise the best system for your files and pages. By doing so, your website will work seamlessly. Consequently, you can do more tasks such as creating content for your site rather than spending most of your time managing cluttered site configuration in the long run.

Supports Google XML Sitemaps for enhanced website indexing

Create a sitemap to improve your website’s search engine discoverability. It supports Google XML sitemaps, so there is a high chance your website will be more Google-friendly. Also, having a good sitemap will give a bird’s-eye view of your site’s structure to decide and adjust things and content.

Ability to manage robot.txt files

WebSite Auditor can create and manage robot.txt files. If you don’t know, robot.txt files are used to instruct robots on how to crawl and scan your webpages. In short, it’s an important feature to have.

Content optimization

WebSite Auditor can optimize your site’s content. It means that your website interface, images, and other content are adjusted to look more appealing and interactive for users. It is essential for a site’s success since users will not stay longer or visit another web page if it’s not attractive.

Webpage reports

There are reports on your site’s webpages. The least and most visited webpages will be rank. It is useful when you want to know what type of content or article your audience likes the most. It also helps you avoid content that has less engagement.


Achieve an excellent SEO for your site without being an expert. WebSite Auditor will do the work to ensure that your site is highly discoverable on most search engines.

Customizable and flexible

Website Auditor is customizable and can adapt to your needs. Rest assured, it can provide the features and actions you want.

Security features

It employs many security features to make your site and data secure. Also, it emulates human behavior to avoid breaking search engines’ policies on automated backlink checking.

Different platform compatibility and language support

You can use WebSite Auditor on different platforms. Moreover, you can localize website-related processes and the app’s interface.

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