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WhatsApp messenger is a used chat application that had owned by Meta. It provides messaging and calling services to 2 billion users worldwide.

Software description

WhatsApp For PC had initially designed for smartphones and then later on for computers. To access WhatsApp on a PC, users will require to download and install WhatsApp Desktop. This application will connect to their phone through a QR code scan process. Once set up the desktop version of WhatsApp, it reflects all conversations and messages from the user’s phone in time. Users can conveniently send messages share media files. Users can make calls directly from their computer. The desktop client of WhatsApp maintains the profile and settings. Finally, the app ensures a messaging experience between phones and PCs.


WhatsApp Desktop enables users to communicate with others through messages on their computers. They can have real time conversations with contacts who also use WhatsApp. With the convenience of a keyboard users can comfortably type out chats on WhatsApp Desktop. They have the ability to attach media files like photos, videos, documents, etc. to their messages well. Additionally, the app provides features such as emoji reactions, @mentions for individuals or groups in chats and disappearing messages for privacy. Users can engage in messaging with both individuals and groups of up to 512 people on WhatsApp Desktop. It replicates the user experience of a device.

Media Sharing

WhatsApp For Desktop makes it convenient to share photos, videos and other media. You can easily attach media files from your computers drive. Send them in chats. The shared images and videos appear within the conversations allowing for viewing. WhatsApp compresses the media without compromising its quality. Additionally, you can also share documents such, as PDFs. Slideshows up to 100MB in size. To add a touch of creativity to your chats you have access to media tools like drawing options, stickers and emojis. The desktop app replicates all these ways of connecting through content seamlessly. By enabling media sharing on WhatsApp Desktop, conversations become more engaging while providing an experience across your devices.

 Web Syncing

To sync chats on WhatsApp Desktop users, need to connect it with their app by scanning a QR code during setup. This pairing allows for synchronization across devices. All chats, contacts, media files and updates stay in sync throughout devices. So, users can switch between them without missing any messages. With device syncing capabilities, WhatsApp Desktop ensures reliable messaging, on a larger screen. Chats remain synchronized across platforms through web syncing.

 Group Chats

WhatsApp Desktop fully supports group chats with a capacity of up to 512 members. Group names, descriptions, shared media content and member information sync flawlessly between PC versions. You have control over managing groups within the desktop app itself. WhatsApp groups facilitate communication among social circles including friends, family members, colleagues or work teams alike.

On the desktop version, you can mention individuals in group chats using the “@” tag feature. Admin settings allow for custom notifications and approval processes for members joining the group. With shared media files along with text messages and voice notes contributing to group conversations. In addition, the desktop experience mirrors the nature of groups on mobile devices perfectly well. This means that WhatsApp groups on PC provide a platform, for teamwork efforts and discussions that span across various devices.

 Voice and Video Calls

WhatsApp Desktop enables users to make voice and video calls, from their computer. These calls are of quality. Privacy will ensure through end-to-end encryption. On Windows PCs WhatsApp utilizes the computers microphone. Webcam for optimized call input and output. The calls seamlessly transition between devices if a user switches from their computer to their phone. WhatsApp calling is particularly useful when typing is inconvenient allowing for communication with contacts.

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