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WinRAR is a useful file archiver that helps you manage files. You can now compress large files to save memory space and easily share large files via Email.

Software description

The WinRAR application is an archiver for the files. This means that it has the ability to compress the files to increase the space for storage in the PC and facilitate the transfer of files through web. It is most fluid on Windows, although its Android app has been in the market since 1993. It is also supported by the MAC OS X and the once upon a time favorite, MS-DOS. The first version was introduced in 1993. Recently, version 5 has hit the markets.

Why Choose WinRAR:

WinRAR is one of the oldest archiving softwares, and this is where the experience sets in. With a considerably better customer support than its competitors, the WinRAR software is a fast expanding tool that is regularly updated (notice the fifth version of the software in two decades). With each updated version comes the addition of something extra, while the older forms are mostly retained, or pruned at best. The 5th version supports the extensions of the older 4th one, but also adds the luxury of the RAR5, which is the newest format of archiving.


  1. WinRAR is more global than any of its competitors. It is available in no less than 41 languages.
  2. It can create both RAR and Zip files.
  3. It can unpack a number of files, of which Zip, RAR, JAR, ZipX, 7Z and EXE are just a few.
  4. The compression directory has a huge range, from 1MiB to as large as 1 GiB.
  5. The archives that it creates can have more than one volume.
  6. It can be set to self extract the files for customer convenience.
  7. Overall, it has an easy user interface.
  8. It is relatively simple to use.


  1. The .7z files are not supported, or there is some difficulty in doing so
  2. WinRAR is not appealing when it comes to appearance, and this too is realized once the person has used the software for quite a while. WinRAR files are big and bright. Too many of these would simply clutter your desktop.
  3. It associates with most of the files that are already present without permission. Some of the users find that inconvenient. The user must be allowed to decide which file to be associated with the software and which to be left as it is.

WinRAR ranks the highest among the softwares of its kind. While most other softwares need to be purchased, WinRAR offers the same services for free, which is a huge reason in its success. Its relatively uncomplicated user interface has made it a popular choice among those who are in a habit of saving space through compressing their files. However, if you are used to a clean view, the WinRAR files will spoil it. Nevertheless, this is a feature only a few customers are ever bothered about. Concluding the analysis, it is very good software for anyone who is compressing files for the first time.

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