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The Wondershare PDFelement by Wondershare is a software that modifies PDF files and document to simplify them and make work easier. It has several features that make a large pile of work reduce significantly. It’s easy to use all credit to the well-arranged easy to navigate interface.

Among the key features include the ability to edit pdf with the auto format tool and paragraph adjustment. The software also auto corrects and auto fills documents even for a whole page to make your work easier. You can convert PDF to different formats such as Excel, PowerPoint, Text, HTML, PNG, JPEG, and so many more formats. Wondershare PDFelement allows the user to either join or split PDF files, scans PDF and transforms a PDF file into a statistic form.







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Software description

Find the latest array of PDF solutions in the Wondershare PDFelement that does all that you ever wanted and then some! With state of the art editing, scanning and document creation tools, you are in complete control of your document. The ability to convert over 300 formats means the possibilities are limitless!

There may be a million options out there when it comes to handling PDF format but Wondershare PDFelement takes the lead with a fairly easy to use design and a plethora of functions that can be used intuitively. The amount of technological breakthroughs you get to see in this single software really puts into perspective how powerful of a tool Wondershare PDFelement really is. The application is home to all sorts of document modifications, be it to text, removal of watermarks, adding or changing text, including digital signatures and so much more. If there is a PDF feature that you can think of, Wondershare PDFelement will definitely have it present in its pocket.

Editing platform

One of the biggest features that a lot of people want to use this app for is the editing of PDF documents. This feature is provided in a tiled format where you can choose from a number of different direct options. Whether you want to edit your PDF document, create a new one, combine multiple PDFs or even perform a Batch Process task, you can do it all from this portal. You can also do some quick creation by choosing from a set of predefined templates depending on your needs.

Using Wondershare PDFelement makes you feel like you are practically working on an MS Word document, but with all the added features of a PDF! The level of editing and functionality it allows you is quite astounding. Be it performing spellchecks, adding watermarks to your document or perhaps adding digital signatures to your official documents, you can do it ALL!

Feature list

Let us take a look at the many key features that Wondershare PDFelement provides you as part of a wholesome package:

Convert from PDF: Unlike most tools, Wondershare PDFelement allows you to convert your documents to a large number format options including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Epub, RTF, HTML, JPEG, PNG and more.

Text Editing: With a simple click Wondershare PDFelement allows you to make changes to the text in your PDF document. The software automatically adjusts formatting to make the process hassle free.

Create PDF: You can create document from scratch or select from more than 300 different types of formats to get the data for your PDF.

OCR: The optical image recognition (OCR) in Wondershare PDFelement is state of the art and brings to life scanned documents with exact recognition that eliminates the chances of error.

Splitting & Merging: You can create your own documents by taking out the information you need from any PDF file. Whether it is to merge or to split documents, Wondershare PDFelement has you covered.

Text Auto Adjust: Wondershare PDFelement allows you to add text seamlessly by adjusting font and other settings of a page to allow new text to blend in without any problems.

Forms: You can convert flat forms into editable PDF documents with a single click of a button. Be it Excel or Word, Wondershare PDFelement can do it flawlessly.

The features above are barely the main attractions of Wondershare PDFelement. When start using it and go to the deep end, you will definitely see why this software is worth everything!

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