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X-VPN is one of the smaller VPN (virtual private network) providers. A VPN hides the user’s online activity, and guards against hackers and snoops on public networks. A VPN also masks the user’s IP address, browsing activity, as well as protects personal data from being intercepted on a Wi-Fi network.







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Easy to Install, and simple to get started

The X-VPN installs quickly by detecting which app it needs to download based on the operating system and device of the user. The installation instructions provide an intuitive single-click way to connect the user to a server by picking the fastest server based on the user’s location. During initial installation, the user will be shown the best servers for gaming and streaming.

Unrestricted streaming and gaming

Easy to set up and use, X-VPN’s main advantage is its unrestricted access to worldwide streaming for online games and entertainment. Users who are normally blocked because of foreign IP addresses restrictions can disguise their location and bypass filtering, blocking, and local censorship.

With X-VPN, users can access Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, and Hulu with decent speeds and good customer service. X-VPN also supports torrenting, a super-fast uploading or downloading of large files, which splits the file into digestible sections.

Staying safe on public WiFi networks

X-VPN protects users from live-session “man-in-the-middle” (MITM) attackers, who stalk victims using unprotected public Wi-Fi servers. After intercepting and stealing the user’s credentials, the cyber-crook can make an unauthorized purchase or drain the user’s bank account.

An MITM attack could also consist of luring the user to a fake Wi-Fi network. The attacker intercepts the connection and the victim logs into a bogus website or platform.

Again, the attacker steals the user’s credentials for later use or injects malware into the user’s system to do great harm to the victim. Also, during a live session, the hacker might send fake messages to one or both parties to encourage fraudulent fund transfers.

X-VPN is an indispensable security tool for anyone using a public network.

X-VPN protects users’ privacy from government spying and has a  “no-logs” policy.

Based in Hong Kong, X-VPN is not subject to handing over user data to government intelligence agencies. While the service tracks time stamps and protocols for its users, its “no-logs” privacy policy includes guarantees that X-VPN does not:

  • log how the user uses a VPN connection to access applications or websites
  • store original IP addresses or the IP address of the server the user is connected to
  • sell or use personal data to third parties

However, X-VPN collects user data specific to the device used for the purpose of system maintenance. Android and Mac iOS users at first login will be asked for permission to track the user’s activity. Granting permission allows X-VPN to log device information, data usage, and the user’s city.

Bypassing and defeating internet censorship

For the average internet user, X-VPN can outsmart internet censorship. Here’s how it works:

  • X-VPN unblocks locked-out websites by redirecting the user’s internet connection through a secure remote server and hiding the user’s IP address.  This allows access to websites that are blocked based on a user’s geographical address.
  • X-VPN can access region-restricted websites. Known as “geo-blocking”, this restricted access blocks users outside the geographical area of the host server. X-VPN can also bypass URL filtering and IP address blocking.

Staying connected with family and friends

X-VPN is a quick workaround to blocked social networking sites and applications. Some countries prohibit out-of-area access to video calls and instant messaging. X-VPN unblocks those restrictions with a single click.

Avoiding abusive regional sales practices

Some e-commerce vendors use geo restrictions to the detriment of online customers. They might advertise higher prices depending on the demographics of their sales areas. Smart comparison shoppers can use X-VPN to both access local (and lower) price discounts, and make price comparisons.

Likewise, when shopping online for airline tickets, travelers might see varied prices based on their location, or ISP address. With X-VPN, airline customers can shop for the same airline ticket from a different IP location, and could see different prices for the same trip.


There are dozens of free and subscription-based VPN services available. X-VPN stands out with its worldwide network of servers that give users access to blocked streaming and gaming sites. The service is easy to load and has an intuitive user interface. X-VPN is compatible with almost every operating system and device, and users can connect to 5 devices simultaneously.

License: Free and paid Subscription–$5.99 per month over 12 months, up to $11.99 for a single month, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Systems: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Amazon Fire TV, most routers, and Chrome Browser, which tunnels only the browser’s network traffic through the VPN.

Global connections available: Servers are deployed at over 200 worldwide locations with 8,000+ servers in 60 countries around the world. To access the servers in its 87 cities, users must have a paid subscription. X-VPN free users are limited to one server location.

X-VPN is unique in that it provides coverage in regions that are not as well served by other services. It also has servers in popular locations like the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada and 11 countries in Asia.

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