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The YouTube service is actually pretty good and worth its money, particularly because it allows one subscription to support up to six accounts. It allows you to access your favorite shows on the go. What it needs is an internet connection and the number of available networks is quite limited and the coverage are is not too wide either. While paid ads are nuisance, the interface is simply top quality. If you need selected networks in a good price and with membership sharing option, this YouTube bids for YT TV to be a good option.






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You may want to weigh the pros and cons before getting yourself the YouTube TV service but you may not find a comprehensive YouTube TV which brings to light the bigger picture. YouTube TV is an online television streaming utility using the YouTube interface for popular networks nationally or locally. It allows you to watch your favorite shows as soon as these are aired, you may record shows without any limitations of storage as well. It is an online platform which lets you enjoy Tv using the internet and in a simplistic and quality format. This App is an endeavor to examine all pros and cons of this service.


YouTube TV App is available in almost all the states of US. You can access the service and stream from anywhere in the areas where this facility has been launched. The access to local area networks is, however, reliant on the zip code being used. The local networks available for a zip code will be the only networks available, no such restrictions exist for national networks. YouTube Tv is quite widely available across the US but not everywhere.

If you are traveling internationally, you will not be able to access any of the recording either from national or local networks. YouTube TV does not work outside the United States. The service is US exclusive.


One of the biggest plus points which the facility has and is worth mentioning in a YouTube TV is that it is compatible with mobile technology i.e. iOS as well as Android. Tablet PCs and desktop computers can also be connected, YouTube Tv is compatible with all kinds of devices which makes it very useful. This compatibility allows you to stream your application video content on the television screen.

The Chromecast, as well as the Apple TV, are compatible with the YouTube TV service. According to an official statement by Google, the Roku App, as well as the Android Tv, are being programmed to enable compatibility with it  facility which would increase the benefits of this service many times.


The YouTube TV App facility works on paid subscription basis which means that you have to pay your bills like the local cable. It would cost you $35 a month if you have subscribed a regular package which is inclusive of NBC, CBS, FOX, ESPN and some local sports networks as well. This subscription is for one member enabling six accounts. The networks package can be increased by subscribing for the premium package which certainly costs higher. Additional monthly charges are to be paid for premium subscriptions.

This makes it a viable option; however, one must remember that is not only the YouTube TV subscription charges which need to be paid. A regular internet connection is also required to avail this service. Internet bills must also be accounted for before making any decision, therefore, it is deemed necessary to highlight this matter in this YouTube TV . It is worth noting that the membership can be canceled at any given time per the convenience of the user. There are no terms and conditions to constrict canceling of the subscription.

Membership Sharing

The big plus of this service which certainly needs to be mentioned in this YouTube is that the service allows membership sharing. A single member subscription allows six accounts to be activated on it which means the membership can be shared with six different people without paying any additional charges. Isn’t this a big plus? Roommates and family members can have one membership and enjoy as much of their favorite shows as they want. This is one of the best things about this service and certainly the most welcomed by the young users who can pool in money to access their favorite shows.

On-Demand Provision

One thing that we must include in this YouTube TV is that the service supports on-demand provision of shows depending upon the network’s policy. Many networks deliver shows on-demand for the users, others don’t. YouTube TV itself does not confine on-demand provision of shows, it is primarily the network’s policy.

Paid Ads

One of the most obnoxious things about streaming on YouTube Tv is bearing with the paid ad content. Networks makes money by running these ads during the shows. You may be able to get your way fast-forward across the ads if you are watching a DVR recording but similar to a conventional TV, there is no way to go fast-forward through ads during a live stream. Sadly, the one negative point which stands out in this YouTube TV is the annoying paid ads running on networks supported by this facility.

DVR Recordings Storage

The best part is that there is no storage limit for DVR recordings using the it whether you have the premium or the regular connection. The other part of the news is that the recordings can be saved for a time period of nine months which is pretty good. This YouTube TV actually gives it in favor of the YT TV service for DVR recordings facility, it is actually good enough to consider. You can have as many recordings as you want and keep each for nine months, not a bad deal at all.


It makes the last inclusion to our YouTube TV not because it is not important but because it is actually nothing new to any YT facility. The interface is simply fantastic. It is simple and minimalistic, lets you enjoy your favorite shows in the best possible display and gives you complete user control when needed. YouTube sure knows how to maximize the user experience no matter what facility it is providing.

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