Debian 9.4.0 ‘Stretch’ / 8.10 ‘Jessie’

Debian 9.4.0 ‘Stretch’ / 8.10 ‘Jessie’




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Debian 9.4.0 ‘Stretch’ / 8.10 ‘Jessie’
Debian 9.4.0 ‘Stretch’ / 8.10 ‘Jessie’

Debian 2018 is a free open source operating system for which you need not to pay any license fee. You can install it from internet and then install it on your system hard drive in a simple way with the help of installation wizard. This OS is compatible with a lot of free software. It comes with a lot of features. The main purpose of its development was to help the computer users with a free operating system that they can download from internet or can get it from any other aource for free and can benefit from its qualities.

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Requirements for Installation:
There are three requirements for its installation. You must have a good internet connection, a disk imaging software and a writeable disk. First of all shift all of you data to another place for making it safe. Then visit their official website for downloading of their virus-free setup files. Download the installation image from their site and then burn it on an empty CD with the help of a reliable software. But make sure that the files and image that you are downloading are compatible with your system specifications.