Adobe Prelude CC 2018 8.0

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Adobe Prelude CC 2018 8.0
Adobe Prelude CC 2018 8.0

Adobe Prelude 2018 is another very useful product by Adobe Systems to facilitate the users with features for video editing. Normally it is used as a side tool with Adobe Premier Pro but its additional capabilities make it very useful. It lets you deal with tapeless media content and performs operations of import, log, select, ingestion and export. It is a high quality video monitoring and recording application that makes the captured videos ready and compatible for performing various functions via Adobe Premier Software.

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It can be downloaded for free from the published link on this webpage in the form of trial version. Trial version is available for limited duration of 30 days after which you need to pay visit to their official website where you can make payment for purchasing it. Free version offers you less features but it facilitates you to test the features of the software first before actually making the payment for its license.

Adobe Prelude is a compact video monitoring application that you can run on your desktop systems. It makes it easier for you to manage your video clips, extract some small fragments from them, convert them into the form that can be supported easily and then send them to Adobe Premier Pro for editing them and to make complete movies or feature films from the small clips by integration. It is a very helpful tool for video editors, which makes their work easier and lets them perform required operations on the videos.