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Chromium 72.0.3583.0

Chromium 2018 is basically a free web browsing project released initially in the year 2008. Google had intended to use this as the base project for Chrome web browser. However, since it was launched as open source browser, therefore many other developers also used its source code to develop their own web browser. This is the major reason behind similarities between Chrome and many other browsers. The product is known for its fast speed and stable performance. Many developers have played a role in enhancing its functionalities of this project because of its light weight and intuitive user interface.

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The source code of this web project is used for the development of multiple web browsers. Since it is compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android operating systems, thus it can be used for development of browsers for any of these systems. The most popular one is Google Chrome which is the official product of Google Inc. Other famous browsers include Opera, Slimjet, Sleipnir, Torch, Comodo Dragon, SRWare Iron, Brave, Blisk and more. A few products were also using it in past but those are not active anymore. Such browsers include Titan, Flock, CoolNovo and Rockmelt.

Chromium is a secure web browser that provides great experience of internet browsing. Its open source status has many advantages for professional users, whereas home users find its tabbed interface and fast speed more beneficial.