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WinSCP 5.13 Build 8172

Windows Secure Copy, commonly known as WinSCP, is an advanced computer application that was developed in 2000 to facilitate users with secure transfer of information between a local system and a remote computer. It is a client of SCP, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and SSH and can be used for free. Either you can install it on your PC via setup or use any of its three portable versions to avoid installation and save memory space. Though it was originally intended for Windows Operating System, but its portable versions are customized to make them compatible with Wine software on Linux OS.

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Getting Started:
In order to start using WinSCP on your PC, you need to log in to a new session. You have the options available to create a new site or import existing sites. You have to choose protocol for file sharing via drop down menu. Then the Host name, User name and password should be entered, whereas available port number must be specified. Now you can log in to the site or modify advanced settings. Advanced settings comprise of Environment setup, Connection specifications and SSH protocol options. Once the server has approved connection, you can carry out file sharing activities.