WinZip 22.0 Build 12706

22.0 Build 12706
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WinZip 22.0 Build 12706

With WinZip, it is even easier and faster open zip files, share zip files, create zip files and encrypt zip files. The software ensures faster and easier file compression process. It has a significant new file sharing technology along with easy to operate design and an extended enterprise support as well. The software saves time and space efficiently, keeping your digital world secured and absolutely safe.

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WinZip is a compression software. It is used for zipping and managing files. Besides, it helps to protect and share files easily.

The main features of WinZip are that it supports all the major file formats. It can zip them easily. This helps in reducing the size of the files which can be sent as email attachments, through IM or on social media. WinZip provides encryption that is at a very high level. In this way, it can protect files in an efficient manner. This kind of sharing provided by WinZip ensures that the files can be accessed on a desktop, mobile or even on the cloud. It provides file compression that is the best-in-class. WinZip allows easy sharing of files on Dropbox, Google Drive, besides OneDrive and such other online sharing platforms.

There are several options available which can be used based on the needs of the user. These help to reduce time as well as effort in file-sharing.