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After disconnecting the connection, the user would have to exit Advanced Onion Router to bring back the prior network settings. This unfortunately comes with only limited documentation and hence would be of very little use to those who have limited knowledge of TOR.

Software description

How certain can one be in regards to sending a secure mail without having it to get past a sneaky hacker. Regular mail is sent out in the clear and hence is vulnerable to interception by hackers. Onion routing is one such technique that guarantees sending encrypted messages without having to worry about interception. The main agenda behind this is to ensure privacy of the message sender and recipient along with the message that is sent across a network. Encrypted messages are passed through various network nodes that are known as onion routers.

Advanced Onion Router is one such portable client that works for the onion routing network. It compels the plugins and applications to use the TOR proxy regardless of the fact whether or not it is configured to a separate proxy. This aims to work as a better alternative to Vidalia, TOR and even Privoxy bundle for Windows. The Advanced Onion Router enables users to configure their proxy port, address as well as allows to run and intercept applications. The user can specify http headers and banned IPs.

It also allows to select bridge relays, bandwidth limitations and even encrypted directory connections. The enhanced updates include support for HTTP and HTTPS proxy protocols that run on the same Socks4/5 port with a HTTP header filter that creates unreal identity-dependent headers each time an identity is tweaked. The latest improvements also boast of UNICODE paths, support for NTML proxies and also a UI that allows TOR actions and options readily accessible, local banned list for banned addresses.

Programs that do not support proxies have their connections redirected with the help of a point and click process interceptor and by providing fake information regarding the local system and support for .onion addresses. It can avoid AS path intersections by figuring out AS paths for every circuit. It also comes with the benefit of being able to control the circuits that are being built with nodes only from different countries and also can configure the lengths of the circuit.

Some of its many features include:
 Portability – it writes the settings to the system registry and not to the application folder
 Read only feature, when it is running from a read only media and none of the files are written
 Each and every configuration file may be encrypted using AES
 The “OR network” page setting can be used to change the circuit priorities
 The circuit length is not mandatory and can be changed anywhere from 1 to 10 routers
 There is great isolation between private identities
 At the time of startup, a list of required processes can be started and intercepted
 Child processes that are created by an intercepted process can also be intercepted
 Has plugin support and multi-language support
 Custom hotkeys can be set
 Has an onion address creator that can create .onion addresses with a recommended prefix
 Automatic IP that makes use of an exit selection algorithm that can be configured

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