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Albion Online developed by Sandbox Interactive is a free to play medieval MMO.

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Playing computer games is great way of entertainment for many users especially when they get free time from their busy schedules. But they often cannot fulfill their wish because they do not have enough space in their system or their processor is not capable of running high graphics games. Online games are great way to solve this major problem. Usually online games do not contain high quality graphics or they are not as interesting as offline computer games, but Albion Online can prove all your doubts wrong and will provide you with a great entertaining experience.

Sandbox Interactive are the developers of this Albion Online multiplayer game while the design is made by Robin Henkys. It is developed using the most popular game development platform i.e. Unity. The game is free for its users but it has not been launched yet and its beta testing mode has been completed successfully. You need to get registered for playing it. It is a cross platform game that you can enjoy on your Windows, Mac and Linux systems, Apple devices and Android devices. It is an amazing fantasy game based on MMORPG genre.


Albion Online is a thrilling action and fighting game with different types of weapons and various fighting characters involved. The thought will come into your mind that what will be the source of energy for the fighters? So the developers have provided the gamers with fields in islands where you can sow seeds and then harvest the crops once they have grown and keep the animals in shelters. The entire game revolves around the story of Morgana who was very powerful once and is now known for her revenge and evilness.

The presence of Destiny Board guides you through gameplay by showing you the options that you can become as a character. There are various paths you can follow to grow and become an experienced high level player. You can play more and more for gathering items, building the large number of buildings and enhance your farms and number of animals that will benefit you against your enemies.


The online community has already been populated with the interested gamers and beta testers. The knowledge, ideas and techniques are being shared with each other. Here the users can help each other with gameplay and ask for items that they need. A lot of interest and enthusiasm is being shown by gamers and the developers are optimistic that the game will be a success.

Albion Online is a high quality graphical game that can run on your systems and will give you a great gaming experience. When you will start the game once it will surely be difficult to leave it in the middle. The motivation to become more powerful and fight effectively against your enemies will boost your morale. The game has completed the phase of beta testing and is approved to work efficiently online. To all the gamers out there; you should try it at least once with your friends and you will be addicted surely.

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