Alcohol 120%

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Alcohol 120% is an effective software application that permits users to develop virtual drives on their computer system, enabling them to run and place disc pictures without the demand for physical media.

Software details

Windows 11

Software description

It supplies a wide range of features, and also functions designed to boost the customer’s experience when collaborating with optical discs. With Alcohol 120% users can effortlessly access, and utilize disc images making it a preferred selection amongst gamers software designers, as well as people that regularly collaborate with media files. One of the key features of Alcohol 120% is its capability to develop disc photos from physical media such as, CDs DVDs or Blu-ray discs. Individuals can easily make a precise replica of their initial discs, as well as store them as virtual photos on their computer’s difficult drive. Additionally the software program enables users to burn these disc images back onto physical media.

Online Drives

One of the key functions of Alcohol 120%, as well as Alcohol 300 is the ability to produce digital drives. Users can create approximately 31 virtual drives, and also place different ISO BWT CCD CDI MDS, NRG PDI, and also B5T disc image styles. This indicates that customers can collaborate with disc image documents without the requirement for physical media. Having online drives also eliminates mistakes that can occur when collaborating with physical CDs or DVDs. Online drives developed by Alcohol 120%, and also 300 can be accessed from Windows Explorer or any kind of other file manager.

CD/DVD Backups

Alcohol 120%, and Alcohol 300 additionally supply the capacity to melt, as well as develop back-ups of DVDs, as well as CDs; Users can produce duplicates of CDs, and also DVDs or make a pressed backup in a layout that can be stored on a hard disk or other storage tool. This function comes in useful for customers who have beneficial or uncommon discs that they want to preserve. Alcohol 120%, and also 300 also supply the alternative to create a backup picture of a disc, and wait on a hard disk drive.