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NetBeans is a free, open source integrated development environment (IDE) for developing applications in Java and other programming languages.










Software description

NetBeans offers a variety of features that make writing, debugging and running code easy. Users can use it to develop desktop, mobile and web applications with graphical user interfaces (GUI). NetBeans supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The profiler that allows developers to monitor application performance, debugger which helps the developer identify errors in code at runtime. The project manager helping you organize & manage your projects more efficiently.

All these capabilities make it popular choices among developers while creating software solutions into modern graphical environments using Java technology. The class browser giving access to visual presentations of classes, integrated help system describing all the components available in NetBeans. With its plugin architecture, users can customize their own development environment according to their needs.

Project Management Tool

NetBeans is a popular project management software that delivers an integrated development environment (IDE) for various languages. It provides developers to develop applications across multiple platforms and technologies. It includes Java, PHP, C/C++ and HTML5. The NetBeans include unlimited undo/redo capability, a drag-and-drop GUI builder, support for over 9100 plugins. The cross language refactoring capabilities such as script augmentations or code generation.

The team collaboration features like issue tracking integrations, versioning systems, review systems and task repositories. A set of built in project templates and infrastructure integration points to add user’s own custom modules. It can have debuggers for testing purposes right out of the box without any additional configuration. It makes this platform highly friendly User Interface. All these features make NetBeans on of the most feature rich project management tool available in the market.

NetBeans Debugger

It’s highly intuitive user-friendly interface enables testers to watch and modify variables of a running program at runtime .The breakpoints allow further debugging set to pause the process when certain conditions are met. This makes it easier for software engineers detect errors in complex flows quickly. This powerful tool provides necessary functions required for efficient debugging such as setting breakpoints, defining watchers and creating method call stacks. It allows developers have deep understanding about their codes while controlling their  behaviour right away from NetBeans environment.

GUI Builder

NetBeans GUI Builder is an intuitive and powerful user interface development tool. It helps design professional-looking graphical applications quickly and easily. NetBeans supports drag and drop components from the palette, instant feedback on properties’ changes carried out in the inspector window. Apache NetBeans offers layout managers to arrange components automatically and great visual support for Java beans.

It uses a unique Matisse technology. It allows developers or designers to customize individual aspects of their Swing GUI forms with a mouse click like buttons, tabs, labels etc. NetBeans features help you work faster by providing code generation for various events associated with UI elements. It saves time and effort of manually coding them. This feature greatly increases development speed of GUI apps making it easier even for non-programmers.

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