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Aptoide is a replacement app store for Android users. It houses over one million applications with around six billion downloads, and about two hundred million users globally. The app offers developers an open source platform to publish their applications and earn income.

Software description

Aptoide refers to a freely available third-party application store for Android gadgets. This app allows users to safely discover and install new applications. It works just like Google Play, or 9Apps, it is also an open source and community driven. Besides, it has a wide range of diverse options. With Aptoide, you can create, manage your own store, and upload applications of your own.

With Aptoide, community is always key. Through the community recommendations, as well as highlights refining the noise of approximately one million applications to select from. Most trusted apps bears green badges, however the app does decide for you whether to download other apps or not, it is solely your decision.

The app offers more options, and more personalization. It is a guarantee that it has something amazing for its users. For instance, games, HD wallpapers, social media sites productivity tools, as well as other hundreds of options. Aptoide suggests that you first search The Google Play Store to determine if the particular application you are looking for is available.

The popular options are most likely to be there, however third party choices might not be available. When you encounter this, it’s time to ascertain if it is on this alternative app. The program houses many pieces of software to select from, and all of them are thoroughly checked for viruses. Also, they are put through security tests to make sure your device stays safe.

Aptoide is an exceptional way to troubleshoot, as well as manage your ideal applications. This is the most important feature of this app due to the fact that it is an alternative to Google Play. For instance, you cannot download Spotify properly from Google Play due to certain reasons. However, the app is also available on Aptoide, hence it is advisable to download it from there to avoid the issue.

Therefore, one of this app’s most useful features is that it can reset the app back to its initial versions. For instance, if Spotify builds a newest music app that is not compatible with your Android version. Instead of updating your device, you can use Aptoide to revert Spotify back to its earlier version.

Just like Google Play, all applications weather from a company or an individual have ratings and reviews. Go through the comments to determine where you like the app you are not sure about. You can also add your own questions to the discussion if you want.

Also, you can share the apps that you cherish locally with friends. You can do this without internet connection. Aptoide also offers fast downloads, great filters, and smooth User Interface. After installing the Aptoide to your Android device, you can go to the app to see the most common current types of software on the homepage. In addition, the app’s interface is deliberately similar to that of Google Play.

This enables the users to adapt, and familiarise themselves with the layout. The user interface is a great help to individuals doubtful about downloading apps from a source other than Google Play Store.

About downloading speed, it is as fast as Google Play. Sometimes, it will bug out, and downloads will stop. To solve this, go to the pending apps tab, stop the download, try again. If the problem persists, you can try selecting the previous version of the application.

You can also visit the discussion part, or find an alternative. On the other side, Aptoide’s integration with Facebook makes it easier to get more insights about an app, and any forthcoming upgrades it is waiting to undergo. The only drawbacks with this app is that there might be some slow, or faulty downloads, no parental control, and other apps are illegal.

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