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Aurora Blu-ray Player is an intuitive media player suitable for both beginners as well as expert users. It contains a large number of functions that enable users to play different types of multimedia content present in the form of file, folder or disc. Along with simple controls, it also offers support for advanced quality adjustments. It is a recommended application that should be tried once to analyze its features.

Software description

Aurora Blu-ray Media Player is a multimedia playing application through which content from saved files, Blu-ray discs, ISO files and other resources can be played. It is a licensed tool for Windows operating system available in trial mode. Aurora Blu-raysoft had released its initial version in early 2014. In the large market of media players, this software has made its own place owing to the large variety of features and compatibility with almost every common format.

Aurora Blu-ray Media Player allows users to add any file from system memory by browsing or using drag and drop support. You can insert a compatible disc in DVD-ROM and it will be detected automatically by the software. You can later choose the sections that you want to play. Using its controls you can adjust volume, play, pause or stop media, move forward or backward, synchronize subtitles and move to specific chapter or title. You can share status on social media sites including Facebook and Twitter about the content you are watching currently.

The software enables you to manually adjust its settings. Under general settings, you can specify theme, language, control panel style, background image path, and snapshot destination. Playback settings let you choose its behavior, stop length, playback memory and miscellaneous options. Video and audio settings contain aspect ratio, hardware acceleration, deinterlacing, effects and Dolby Surround detection. You can enable subtitles with desired fonts, color, size and alignment. They can be encoded and formatted with ease. For Blu-ray discs, you can choose play mode, navigation style, cache and network connection.

Audio and Video Effects:
The media player ensures that you can enjoy movies and music with a personalized touch. You can minimize the screen to half and double of its original size or fit to screen while maintaining the aspect ratio or modifying it too. You can crop useless parts of video and can include a subtitle file to understand content from different languages. Audio tracks can be disabled or chosen manually. Desired audio channel can also be chosen from stereo, Dolby, left and right with the intention of enhancing quality.

Aurora Blu-ray Player Features:
It contains all useful functions within an attractive GUI due to which the options are easily accessible. You can enjoy a variety of multimedia content with full controls. Playlist can be maintained for easily playing all your favorite content with varying formats. You can play high quality audio, video and images to have a cinematic experience. Brightness, contrast, gamma, hue and saturation can be adjusted via menu options. Through track synchronization, you can manage the timing of subtitles and playback files.

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