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Bijoy Bayanno is like a magical artist that helps you write in the beautiful Bangla language on your computer. Imagine having a magic pen that allows you to write and create in Bangla, even on your computer! That’s what Bijoy Bayanno does.

Software description

Easy Bangla Typing

Bijoy Bayanno is like a super keyboard teacher for Bangla. It lets you type in Bangla on your computer, just as easily as if you were writing in English. You can write your name, stories, or even your homework in Bangla!

Lots of Fonts

This software is like a treasure box full of different styles of letters, or ‘fonts’. This means you can choose how your Bangla words look when you type them. You can make your words look fun, fancy, or formal!

Bangla Spelling Check

Imagine if you had a smart friend who always helps you correct your spelling. That’s what Bijoy Bayanno does with Bangla spelling. It helps make sure you’re writing words correctly, so your work always looks its best!


Bijoy Bayanno is like a very friendly toy. It’s easy to use, with clear instructions and big, colourful buttons. You won’t have any trouble learning how to use it to write in Bangla. So, with Bijoy Bayanno, you can become a great Bangla writer and have fun while doing it!

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