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Boom 3D is a sound enhancement and equalizer software that lt delivers an intense audio experience to your Mac.

Software description

Boom 3D uses advanced psycho-acoustic techniques to reproduce music collections in exceptional clarity with rich deep bass tones and precise spatial detail. The app has genre based presets such as Pop, Rock, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) along with 28 different sliders across 10 band Equalizers. It allows customizations of the same to tune near perfect sound. Boom 3D also enhances software compatible with system audio like Chrome for an immersive listening experience online . It provides louder and tasteful output without any distortions while keeping the sound balance intact.

Audio Editing

It provides tools such as Equalizer, Ambience Enhancer, Hyper Bass Booster and Audio FX .This allow precise adjustment of the sound dimensions. Its offers are presets along with custom settings allowing users to customize their sounds according to their requirements. Boom 3D offers powerful features like Automixer, which equalizes balance among different frequency ranges to get a balanced sounding mix by reducing loud volume. It also features various special audio effects like Reverb, Delay, Echo and other surround sound formats support. It includes Dolby Atmos playback option making it great choice for virtual DJ’s who want reliable control over shaping the music. They can create without having to compromise on quality nor convenience.

HD Audio Support

Boom 3D is a revolutionary audio enhancement app that boosts the sound output on any device to provide crisp and clear audio. The HD Audio Support feature ensures an unbeatable audio experience with improved dynamics, extended bass response, wider stereo image, and greater vocal clarity. This feature offers superior sound profile customizations to different types of music. It allows users to step into their own tailored sonic world. In addition, it has Immerse Mode where you can instantly boost your current EQ settings in one tap. Boom 3D’s HD Audio Support allows you to unlock hearing beyond reality fueling your creative flow.


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