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BuzzBundle is a handy tool that aims to simplify the task of social accounts management. It is suitable for businesses that want to keep check on all social platforms to manage posts where their brand name is discussed. It is highly interactive, enabling users to communicate with online viewers quite easily.










Software description

BuzzBundle is a Social Media Marketing tool dedicated for companies, brands, products and specialized services. It enables users to manage social media accounts, look for keywords on social media posts and contact audience through messages or comments. It is a free tool offered by LinkAssistant to facilitate users. It is available in multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Dutch. It is a friendly application suitable for professional brand managers, social media marketers and online market researchers.

Social Profiles:

BuzzBundle lets you add unlimited persons by entering their name, image, username, password, Email ID, date of birth, gender and location. Each person can be linked with various social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums, Yahoo! Answers, YouTube and Google+. Switching between persons or profiles is flexible and can be done from a single software window. The task can be performed in seconds without the need of entering password every time.

Messages and Posts:

You can easily communicate with audience of your business on behalf all stored profiles. You can send private messages to specific people, create forum posts, comment on blogs, retweet posts and reply to messages or comments. The software contains a built-in browser due to which you can perform advanced tasks directly from the tabbed interface of the tool. You can quickly join new conversations, leave suitable comments, search for reviews or recommendations and mark posts as favorite for later access.


BuzzBundle is capable of automating tasks. You can enter posts, announcement or messages and schedule them to be published at specific date or time. Moreover, it also saves you from the effort of retyping similar content when you want to publish it multiple times on different websites. Its automation feature can share posts on desired destinations at specified time. It can also shorten URL and insert attachments when necessary.

Keyword Groups:

The SMM application lets you manage your brand’s popularity on social media with the help of relevant keywords. You can create keyword groups and perform search operation to view all activities of users where the name of your product, service or company is mentioned. Individual keyword groups can be maintained for different topics due to which it is possible to analyze various businesses. All social media posts, comments or dialogues where your website URL or relevant names are present, you can view them at one platform and keep track of future posts.

BuzzBundle Features:

BuzzBundle provides a flexible environment where social media management activities can be performed with ease. Apart from maintaining track of your website mentions, you can also determine mentions of your competitors’ products, brands or services. You can hide your actual location by using proxies. It can also generate custom reports for various parameters.

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