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Get the simple way to pay when you download and use Cash App.

Software details

Android / iphone / mac

Software description

Cash App is a safe, accessible, and fast mobile banking application. It’s a great way for peers, family, and friends to pay each other. So whether you’re splitting pizza among friends or paying a roommate for your share of rent and bills, you can do it quickly using this download. It can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices and is available in the US and UK.


  • Pay anyone anywhere instantly
  • Free, customizable, laser-etched Visa debit card
  • Buy, Sell, and Send Bitcoin
  • Start Investing
  • Get deals for using your debit card
  • Get instant discounts
  • File your taxes for free
  • Transfer money instantly or within days

Feature Highlights

Pay Anyone Instantly

As soon as you sign-up, you are ready to make your first payment. After that, you’ll get a digital Visa card to use until your physical debit card arrives in the mail. After that, you can send or receive money using with no fees. To send money to someone else, you only need their $cashtag, their app username. The $cashtag can only be changed twice.

Buy, Sell, and Send Bitcoin

Sell, deposit, and withdraw Bitcoin using the app. Track real-time BTC prices in the app. You can start buying Bitcoin for as little as $1 down. After purchase, the BTC arrives instantly. You can keep the funds in your account or transfer them to a different wallet. Bitcoin selling and trading is only open to adult users and not minors.

Start Investing

Use the app to begin investing with no commission. Buy as little as $1 in US companies. Watch your stocks in real-time and monitor your investment portfolio. Create a list within the app to stay updated on stock performances. All of these actions can be conducted from the investing tab. Like, Bitcoin, the ability to start investing in the stock market is only available to adult users.

Get Paid Up To 2 Days Faster

Your account will come with an original account and routing number. To receive payments up to two days faster than a traditional bank, use your Cash App account and routing number for deposits.

File Your Taxes for Free

With the Cash App, you can file your taxes in just a few minutes, right from your phone. Even better, this service is entirely free. Then, have your refunds deposited to your Cash App account, and you’ll get your money up to two days faster.

Cash Boost

Boost is a way for users to get instant discounts. Check for discounts, choose an applicable boost, and get instant deals.

Transfer Money to Bank Accounts

When you sign-up for Cash App, you can add your financial institution information. This allows you to transfer money from your Cash App account to your bank account. There is no minimum requirement to transfer funds. When you move money, you’ll have two choices. You can have your money transferred to your financial institution instantly for a small fee, or you can have it transferred to your bank in three to five days for free.