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The right PC cleaner can make a huge difference in your computer, CCleaner is fast, simple and effective and perfect for a huge number of users.

Software description

A great PC cleaner and optimizer can help improve the overall function and performance of your PC in minutes and with little effort on your part. CCleaner is a fast and effective software that comes in two versions, free and professional, to help clean up your PC in no time. With two download options, users can choose the version that is going to best suit their needs.

CCleaner Free

CCleaner Free offers standard privacy protection services as well as standard cleaning. So, what does this do for your computer? The free version clears online search history and tracks, helps remove unnecessary files, and helps to speed up your computer to help it perform better and run faster overall. This is a great way to become introduced to the software and to learn how to use the interface and see just what this program may be able to do for you.

CCleaner Professional

For a mor comprehensive, in depth clean, CCleaner Professional is here to help. This version of the program includes standard privacy measures like clearing your search history and standard cleaning along with so much more. The professional version includes:

  • Standard cleaning
  • Privacy protection
  • Driver updater
  • PC health check
  • Updating apps to reduce risk
  • Complete cleaning
  • Hides and clears browser history
  • Removes internet trackers
  • Frees up disc space
  • Offers customer support

This professional version of this already useful software offers you the ability to keep your PC clean and operating properly so that you get the most out your machine. CCleaner is able to help your PC start up faster, greatly reduces system crashes, helps to free up disc space, and also helps to improve your PC speed overall for a better experience in whole. CCleaner professional is $29.99.

Performance for Everyone

This product is ideal for a wide range of users, it is perfect for people using their PC at home, those using their PC for work or for business computers, and anyone in between. CCleaner is a comprehensive program that makes it possible to clean and defragment your hard drive in one simple step. Rather than struggling to find cleaners that have the features you want, CCleaner has combined all the features that are most commonly needed into one easy to use and effective program that is going to help your PC run like new.

PCs get bogged down quickly. From internet searches to using your computer for work, a PC can accumulate trackers, trojans, unnecessary files and more that all work together to make your PC run slower and less effectively. The PC CCleaner works for Windows and Mac and is a great tool to help keep your PC as useful and effective as possible.

CCleaner is also perfect for business with options for cloud and defragmenting software as well. The download process is easy and once you have it installed on your computer you can customize your cleaning experience and create automated scans and reminders to keep your computer safe and secure. The CCleaner download is fast and simple and the interface is easy to use. If you are looking for a PC cleaning program that is going to be able to restore your computer, this is a fantastic option that can put you back in control of your PC and back in control of your PCs performance.

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