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Chromium is a secure web browser that provides great experience of internet browsing. Its open source status has many advantages for professional users, whereas home users find its tabbed interface and fast speed more beneficial.

Software description

Increasingly more people, instead of choosing the most well-known web browsers like Safari, Mozilla and Chrome, prefer to opt for free-license alternatives.

In 2008 Chromium, a free web browser, was born thanks to Google, its creator. The adjective “Free” implies that it is license-free, which also means it doesn’t have some functions that are provided in the corresponding closed version.

For the most curious ones, the name comes from the homonym metal.

Google’s intention, with the creation of Chromium, was to provide a window manager that works with sheets or as a web shell.

One of the main characteristics of Chromium is that it presents a minimal user interface in order to be light and fast.

Although Chromium appeared with the first version in 2008, we had to wait until 4 June 2009 in order to use it also on Mac OS and Linux systems.

What makes Chromium different from the well known Google Chrome?

  • No integrated flash player, yet PPAPI plugins supported
  • No preview and a different type of printing procedure
  • no update automatic system
  • no way to send use statistics and crash report
  • no reference to the Google brand in the name and a difference in the logo

Chromium is used as a based by other browsers such as Opera, Brave Browser, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge, Blisk, Comodo Dragon, Epic Browser, Sleipnir, Torch Browser, Yandex Browser, CodeWeavers CrossOver, CocCoc, Beaker, Falkon, Avast Secure Browser, Naver Whale, Qihoo 360 Secure Browser, Slimjet, SRWare Iron and SalamWeb.

As well, there are also some mobile browsers which base themselves on Chromium, such as Amazon Silk and Samsung Internet Browser.

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