Clash Royale

Clash Royale Download


Stack your deck with unique cards and head to the arena to knock the King and Princesses off their throne in Clash Royale.

Software description

The Clash Royale download is a strategy supercell game rated E for everyone. It’s a real-time multiplayer game brought to you by the same developers that introduced you to Clash of Clans. Clash Royale features familiar characters, spells, defenses, and more.

Characters include The Royales, knights, baby dragons, and princes. Clash Royale’s object is to upgrade cards, stack the deck, and head to the arena when you’re ready. Once you make it to the arena, knock the villainous King and Princesses from their respective towers. Along the way, you’ll win crowns and trophies and get an opportunity to claim glory in the arena.


  • Battle players from around the world
  • Duel players in real-time
  • Participate in the league and global tournaments
  • New levels and areas are added regularly
  • Participate in special events to get exclusive rewards
  • Collect cards
  • More than 100+ cards available for collection and upgrade
  • Fast-paced battles
  • Join Clan Wars with a team and battle to win big rewards

Feature Highlights

In-Game News Section

Stay up to date with what’s happening by clicking on the in-game news section. Here, you’ll learn about new cards, new areas, and any other pertinent information.

Check out Leaderboards

Are you on a mission to collect all the crowns and be the big winner in the arena? If so, you’ll love the opportunity to check out leaderboards. Leaderboards are available for specific events and specific teams too.

Follow Clash Royale on Social Media

Get sneak peeks of what’s coming next and be part of conversations with other gamers by following along on social media. Examples of social media posts include fan-inspired artwork, creator of the week spotlights, discussion posts asking for gamer input, and exclusive perks only available to gamers that follow Clash Royale on social media.

In-Game Chat Feature

When gamers join a team, they gain access to the team’s private chat group to interact with each other. In addition, global chat is available during Clash of Clans. With this feature, gamers can talk to players from anywhere in the world. In addition, Supercell Chat allows for text messaging.

Join or Form a Clan

Do you have friends and family that play Clash Royale? If so, consider joining or forming a clan. You can meet new players online and play with them too. Share strategies and help your team stack their deck to help you all advance to the next level. In addition to sharing strategies and battling together, teammates can also share cards, which helps balance out decks and give teams better opportunities to win against their competition.

In-App Purchases

In-app purchases include the Season Pass, which grants you access to seasonal items and magic spells. But, there is no purchase necessary to play along. In-app purchases can be turned off if you don’t want purchases to be available.

Hone Your Skills with Fun Challenges

From time to time, fun challenges are available. These are great opportunities to hone your skills, improve your strategies, and earn glory and great rewards.

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