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Coin master is a game that involves live combat, looting and raiding other viking’s property. You do so to build a stronger village that can not be easily breeched and attacked. You have to collect as many coins as possible to achieve this.

Software description

Coin Master is a mobile app game based on outsmarting your opponents and build a stronger viking village. The game involves live combat with other vikings to loot different valuables that will enable you to build your own village. You can earn a lot of coins through various ways.

Firstly, limited spins available. You have to utilize the spins well. Any successful spin can give you shields. You can use the shields to protect the village you have build from external attacks. With the shields erected you are safe and other vikings can not breach and get to the territory you have build. You can also win loot that mostly consist of coins. With the coins you can definitely build a stronger village. Furthermore, the spin can give you attack time. It gives you additional time to attack other vikings and leave untraced or noticed.

You can still earn by attacking other vikings. After a successful attack you raid and rob those vikings. You can then use the loot from the raid to upgrade your village. You can rise to become the strongest coin master in the entire area. You can also take revenge on anyone who tries to attack you and take his village, loot and use it to upgrade. Conquering other villages earns you more coins and you definitely become the coin master.

In addition, you can collect cards presented during the game. The cards are a treasure and you can exchange them with online friends. As you conquer villages, you earn more cards which are real treasure. When you sum up all this means of earnings, you can raise a prosperous village which is strong and powerful. You rise to be strongest among vikings.

Coin master is a simple game that is very addictive due to its simple but captivating and interesting nature. The game is applicable to all age groups from young to old. Its intuitive nature makes it likable by many. Its a free app available for download and use by many. You can download it on play and app stores. Both android and iOS version devices support the game.

Coin Master is available in English language. It is widely accessed and used across the world because English is an international language spoken and understood by masses around the world. Coin Master does not require any internet connection to play. Its free once you start to play but you can access more sophisticated features through purchase ads on. This will enable you to get maximum experience out of the game.

Moreover, you can join coin master friends around the world with whom you can share the adventures of looting, battling and picking cards to establish best villages. Rewards are given when you invite a friend to join coin master and start to play. You can earn a lot by just inviting your friends to join such thrilling game. You can also gift each other after successful invites. The free gifts are inform of free spins. You can send gifts to your friends and in return they can send you too some free gifts.

Free spins are on daily basis. You can also earn them by participating in in-game challenges. Also you can can maximize on loot by strategic planning. You only attack those with a lot of coin reserves. It is proportional that you loot what the viking you attack had only. There are several tactics to take heed to so that you can survive attacks and raids. You should avoid pilling coins in your village. Spend the coins on purchases to avoid being the target of attack. Whenever the shield is exhausted make sure you use your coins.

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