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Connectify Hotspot is the number 1 software in creating virtual router networks. It is highly trusted and reputable with more than 150 million users worldwide.

Connectify is a powerful virtual router program, with a simple, easy to use system interface. It can enable the sharing of internet from a PC or laptop with other devices like phones, tablets e-readers and others in an easy to manage way, anywhere, any time.

It features a new, powerful universal ad blocker function, preventing the displaying of frustrating, unwanted apps on devices using your hotspot. The function can even prevent in-app ads from showing on iPhones, iPads and Android devices!

Connectify Hotspot can help in overcoming device restrictions, when connecting to the internet, by making all traffic look as if it’s coming from only one device, even if its generated by other devices actually connected to the hotspot. Another useful feature of the PRO and MAX versions of the software is it’s ability to share any kind of device connection, like 4G or tethering plans with other devices, including other computers, gaming consoles and mobiles, via Wi-Fi or a wired Ethernet connection. It’s even possible to share a VPN connection over Wi-Fi, extending secure internet access to other devices.

Due to it’s features, Connectify can help avoid overcharging for internet connections. It can save costs on using the internet on a pay-per-device plan. Simply join the paid Wi-Fi with one device, create a hotspot and connect other devices to it. Simply – more bang for your buck!

Connectify Hotspot MAX can help in fixing strict NAT issues by bridging devices with your home network, when used in Bringing Mode. This can be used to bring devices such as gaming consoles onto the home network.

Another powerful feature of Connectify is the app’s ability to actually extend existing Wi-Fi range. Connectify Hotspot MAX is the only software for Windows, that is an actual true Wi-Fi Repeater. Not only will your Wi-Fi range be extended, all your connected devices will work exactly as if connected to the original network!

Connectify Hotspot is currently available in 10 languages and allows for a high level of customization of hotspot names (SSIDs), even accepting Unicode characters and Emojis!

Despite being extremely useful, Connectify doesn’t forgo aesthetics and is available in two themes, Light and Dark. They can be switched at any time, or can even be set up to follow the Windows theme!

Connectify’s simplicity, ease of set-up and use and the app’s extensive, powerful features, have earned it a great reputation. With a great range of articles and instructions on Troubleshooting and quick and simple access to support, should any issue with the app arise, fixing it is a breeze. A multi-award winning app, Connectify Hotspot is sure to not only fill the needs of those who get it, but is also sure to greatly exceed them. Having simplicity, security and effectiveness in mind, from set up, to start up, to the actual use, Connectify Hotspot is an essential tool to have.

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