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CuteFTP Pro is one of the best and most powerful FTP clients on the market. Provides, you with a completely redesigned interface and a lot of improvements both in planning and in features.

Software description

File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is one of the most used technologies in transferring files across devices. It’s fast and doesn’t require that much power to do. There are countless FTP applications available on the web. However, they’re either too complicated to use or aren’t highly accessible.

CuteFTP, on the other hand, is a potent yet simplified FTP tool. It is available for everyone to use and enjoy. CuteFTP enables fast configuration and processing over FTP, so your files will be transferred quickly without fiddling that much. If you want to experience the best FTP transferring, download and use CuteFTP today!

CuteFTP – Highlight Features

  • Simplified interface
  • File transfer automation
  • File transfer security

What does CuteFTP do?

CuteFTP is a powerful and easy to use FTP client transfer tool for Windows machines. It has an interface that is streamlined so users with all technical knowledge levels can quickly grasp how to operate its system.

Also, you can use CuteFTP for file handling on your websites. It only requires minimal scripts and codes to integrate it into your website’s system. Automation is also an essential aspect of CuteFTP over other similar FTP programs on the market. You can schedule and auto-respond to different queries and tasks so files are up-to-date and requests are handled.

CuteFTP – Major Features and Functionalities

Simplified interface

Whether you’re transferring files or managing files of your website, CuteFTP is straightforward to use. If you’re transferring files, it’s as easy as transferring over simple file communication platforms. On the other hand, if you want to fetch files from a website, you can easily connect CuteFTP with it. CuteFTP will automatically and immediately download files into your computer.

If you want to connect CuteFTP on your website, it only takes a few scripts and code lines to connect it to your backend. Quickly transfer and manage files, download and make CuteFTP yours today!

File transfer automation

CuteFTP has a robust suite of automation tools. Whether you’re transferring simple files to managing a website’s database, you can schedule things to increase efficiency and accomplish more tasks.

You can utilize the built-in transfer engine for scheduling out things and processes. There is an option to use different scripting languages to customize automation parameters fully. Besides, you can code sophisticated scripts to check modifications on a directory or file changes regularly. By doing so, you can save time and accomplish more tasks.

If you’re looking for a more simplified version, you can drag and drop different files into a destination directory. There’s no need to be complicated if you only want to use it. It only proves that CuteFTP is a versatile tool and can adapt to users’ needs and preferences. What more do you want and need for an FTP program? Download and use CuteFTP today!

File transfer security

Cute FTP makes file transfer more secure. It employs different encryption standards your files are protected when in transit. It utilizes different SSL standards such as HTTP and HTTPS when using over network transfer.


If you’re a first-time user, you can try out CuteFTP for free in a limited time. If you’re convinced and ready to purchase, it has two reasonable prices. You can buy CuteFTP for a one-time payment of just $59.99. However, if you want one year of support and maintenance, you can purchase the higher version for only $89.99.

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